Sun. Apr 5th, 2020


The Menez Effect

Gone Too Soon

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in memory of LEON

What a dull day in the shinning festive season?

its a great pain to accept your demise Hazary Murimi. A brother, classmate, a teammate and a friend.

You inspired many through your Leon Chronicles.

You were never a person of so much words but everytime you spoke, you spoke sense. A young boy full of wisdom. Being in your company was a privilege.

To everyone who knew you, we have lost a really great person. I remember the days in school where i would watch you play rugby and say to myself ‘this guy is really talented ‘ and yes you were talented. You had passion for the game.

You were a born leader, a captain, a person full of confidence, a go getter and a LEGEND among us.

We will miss you.

We will hold tight to memories for comfort, lean on our friends for strength..Graves are the footprint of angels and now you are an angel.

R.I.P leon.

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