Thu. Apr 9th, 2020


The Menez Effect


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These are two terms which have been tossed around for quite a while.Each person has his or her own defination of a fuckboy or fuckgirl.

In my opinion a fuckboy- is just a guy who sleeps with numerous chiqs without the intentions of having a relationship with them.Also a fuckboy is a guy who wants a girlfriend but without all the responsibilities that come with having a girlfriend.

A fuckgirl- to us dudes a fuckgirl is a chiq who wants to bang with no commitment.Fuckgirls are harder to spot.They exist under names such as a cold hearted bitch,blackwidow or in layman term-hoe.

Similar to fuckboys,fuckgirls are allergic to relationships and cannot stand being tied down.Both of them talk to multiple people at once all called – bae,boo etc.

But behind every fuckgirl there is a fuckboy who made her that way.Here is the cycle. 

fuckboys hurting the good girls turning them into fuckgirls who then hurt good guys turning them into fuckboys,its a mad cycle.Hurt people, hurt people

I read somewhere that the most attractive boys are fuckboys.I wont disagree or agree with that statement but all i can say is that fuckboys and fuckgirls come in all different sizes,looks,shapes and behaviors.

To dudes fuckboys are appreciated. They are viewed as legends.Many wish they could have a lifestyle like that.(wham and bam).Fuckboys get hi-5’s.On the other hand fuckgirls are more scorned for their behaviors.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having just a sexual relationship, no strings attatched, no personal information divulged BUT KEEP EACH OTHER IN THE KNOW. Tell eachother it’s just sex, nothing more.

The one thing that people need… NEED… to understand is, if someone wants you, they’ll have you. If they care about, you’ll know it. If they want to see yu, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Take people as they are. If they want to talk to you, they will. Life isn’t as confusing as you may think.

All in all we all deserve less messed up relationships.Relationships which when they end we don’t have regrets of what we did or what we didn’t do.Keep an eye open hoping to avoid encounters with fuckboys or fuckguys

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