Forget fuckboys, softboys are worse

You may sit around and ask yourself “is there someone worse than a fuckboy? ” Definitely yes.

Everyone has met one right? That one guy who seems shy, but deep. He is never obviously a jerk, (at least not on purpose, as he says). Softboys are a new phenomena on college campuses: they’re not like “those other guys” They are super unique.

The softboy has been described as “nice,” “sensitive,” and “self-aware,”He hears you. He opens up to you. He even has feelings of his own and he would never disrespect you.

The problem with softboys is that they seem so adorably approachable, respectful, and sweet. They seem so ready to commit , and that’s why they’re so brutal when you actually deal with them.

The Softboy is the boy that corners you. He gets under your skin and makes you feel as though you’re on his mind as muchclick as he is on your mind. The Softboy wants to get to know you. He wants to know what makes you tick, your dreams and your aspirations. Everything. The Softboy makes you feel beautiful, like you have a fighting chance in the dating world.

Softboys are just like Fuckboys only much, much, much, worse.
Why? Because instead of being all about getting laid. Softboys want the sex AND the “girlfriend experience.”

A softboy knows you pretty well. He knows when to give you the attention you secretly crave, when to make a sarcastic remark and when to give you words of encouragement. He fills you up with emotional security that a normal fuckboy can’t provide.

The softboy is problematic – dangerous. He was born in response to what women want, he is dangerous because the softboy is acting. He is emotionally available and sensitive for the sole purpose of fucking you.

Softboys differ from the Fuckboys because they go for the heart and emotions rather than just the body.

Here are some ways to identify a softboy

He started by sliding into your DMs – but respectfully.

He texted you first in such a way that made you not to block his ass. The softboy starts off treating you like an actual human being, which is what gets you hooked. It’s not often that you find a man who’s actually interested in what you have to say – which is what makes your softboy such a refreshing change.

The first of his features that jumps out at you is the fact that he’s, well… actually nice. Which is also the first big mistake you’re about to make.

He’s great at pretend relationships

He will introduce you to his friends, take you out on dates, make you feel special, he act lovingly and shower you with affection but when it’s all over he will do the same to the next woman. He’s so good at pretending you won’t know that he’s acting.

He’s in love with someone else

A fuckboy won’t tell you about his other girl because he doesn’t trust you enough with that information. A softboy on the other hand will tell you about his girl and go on saying that ” it wasn’t meant to be”

He makes you feel bad for getting mad at him.

You can’t get angry at this guy. He makes you feel like a monster for it. The softboy is a master at wielding guilt trips. You end up feeling bad for being mad at him.

He’s also told you that you’re “not like all the other girls”.

Softboys set themselves apart from the crowd by being so different from most other guys out there, which is probably why you were attracted to them in the first place. But softboys choose their significant others carefully, which is why he will always remind you how different you are from his exes.

The existence of Softboys was due to complains from women about how other guys treated them like shiet. Softboys learned about everything and evolved. They ended up using what women wanted against them. If you want a nice guy, he will be that nice guy.

I’m not saying every nice guy is a softboy. Of course, there are some genuinely decent men out there (though few and far between). All you got to do is filter out the nice guys from the fuckboys and softboys.

Its easy to identify a fuckboy but identifying a softboy is too much work and tricky. So be careful out there.

So the next time you find yourself crushing on that cute, simple, silent guy from your class don’t lower your guard down just yet.

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