Finesse Ngara: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Finesse Ngara: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Finesse Ngara (born Michael Mbulanyo, February 18, 1999) is a recording and performing artist, an influencer, marketer, promoter, social media strategist and a YouTuber from Nairobi, Kenya.

He is also a student At TUK pursuing a course in Mechatronics engineering.

The Genesis

Finesse ngara Instagram

Finesse Ngara rose to fame on Instagram. The first time I heard about him was around May last year (2019). At that time he had 40 something thousand followers. Fast forward to 2020 he now has 182k followers.

According to Finesse Ngara is ranked as the 224 most influential person on Instagram in Kenya. In the world he is ranked 198,486.

Finesse ngara

You can’t talk about the Kenyan Instagram scene without Finesse Ngara. Having a massive following is good but knowing how to monetize that following is even greater. He has been able to make money of his Instagram page. He is also the CEO of Ngara Tv.

Brands, sponsorship and endorsement.

Finesse has worked with several brands. He started off by doing an endorsement deal with Mellow Nations and Truckee label fashion brands in Kenya.

Truckee label finesse ngara

He has worked with Betwinner a betting site in Kenya and he has also done promos for Phone Place Kenya, a leading mobile phone store in kenya.

People who work with him have positive things to say. They always get a Return on Their Investment. They are guaranteed he will get the job done.


YouTube channel finesse

His YouTube channel has 9.46k subscribers and 99.9% of all his videos have over 1k views. He uploads new content at least 4 times in a week. Soon he will collect his YouTube adsense check ?

He started a series on YouTube whereby he teaches people tips and tricks on how to gain Instagram followers. His videos have been useful and beneficial to people who are trying to grow their Instagram pages.

Musical journey

Finesse Ngara started his musical journey as a member of a Group called Taliban Empire. Together they released a few tracks before each member of the group went solo.

In his first hit song TINGISHA Finesse Ngara featured Mchina, kavinsky and mdas. So far the song has 27k views on YouTube.

Two weeks ago Finesse Ngara and Mchina released a song called TESA TESA. The song was produced by the the beat king Magix Enga. The audio has over 10k views on YouTube. Fans are eagerly waiting for the video.

This month Finesse Ngara got signed to Black Market Records Afrika. This is a big step in his musical career.


Finesse Ngara is verified on Spotify and is among the top 5 most streamed artistes on Spotify from Kenya. He has 32,088 monthly listeners. His fan base has grown massively. He has listeners from Europe.

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