Experimental fucks: Why You Need To Experiment Sexually

Experimental fucks

There comes a time in all of our lives where we see a person and think to ourselves “Damn I just want one night with him/her”.

No attachments, no regular arrangements, just a night of hot steamy sex and a memory for the books.

I’m not talking about a one night stand. I’m talking about a premeditated sexual experience between casual associates where there are no other motives besides experimenting out of pure curiosity.

I’m a huge supporter of experimentation as long as you are being SAFE while doing it. I wouldn’t suggest getting freaky with a person you don’t know too much about without protection, so make sure you know the status of your “subject of study” before going into the experiment.

I have to admit that I have had a couple of “experimental fucks” that came out of pure curiosity, and both of us in the situation knew that it would only be a one time arrangement. And guess what?

The experience was GREAT! The Good thing about the experimental f*ck is the ability to be able to try something you’ve always wanted to try without judgement.

You know you won’t be making an effort to stay in constant contact and you don’t have a deep relationship with this person, so it allows you to free your mind in order to take in the experience without over processing what’s going to come of it after the work is done.

This type of “hook up” also gives you a rush of energy because of the spontaneity of the situation…acting out of impulse, which is acting out our true carnal nature.

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If you are a person that knows how to detach your feelings in this situation, then it will work for you. However, this type of situation gets bad for those individuals who fall in love with every sexual encounter.

For the person that attaches their feelings into every relationship and every sexual experience, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE EXPERIMENTAL F*CK.

If you know you get attached to people quickly, have a problem with your past partners not calling you regularly or even acknowledging you in public or you expect some type of solid relationship to come out of a one time love affair, DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN AN EXPERIMENTAL F*CK!

If you are the type of person that can only involve yourself sexually with a person if there is an emotional connection with a promise of a future, THAT’S AWESOME!

Just don’t lie to yourself and enter into one of these arrangements thinking you will change the other person’s mind. YOU WILL PLAY YOURSELF!

I believe a woman should be able to participate in whatever type of sexual activity she wants to participate in as long as

  1. She uses her discretion and
  2. She protects herself at all times (pussy, mind and heart included).

So before having an experimental fuck, think about whether you can handle it. If you can, then prepare yourself for an awesome time.

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