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The Menez Effect


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​i need you to stop running to your ex he is a waste man🎤 – Drake(blem)

I know exes are a huge part of our relationships,they influence our dating life onwards.I love women who have many ‘men mistakes’ they end up learning about life the hard way and some of them make several mistakes with their exes.I’m a guy and if you break up with me i will end up wondering “wasn’t i good enough?” A woman breaking up with us kills our ego and if we break up with you our ego is uplifted.

From the dictionary EX means someone who WAS there…notice the stress is on WAS.That means he was there and now he isn’t. Don’t bring him back into the picture.It’s a fact women are affected by breakups more than men.Am not a huge fan of exes who are friends.The best break ups are the nasty ones because they leave no room for reconciliation.

Lemme dig deeper.If you and your ex remain friends just know that one of you is acting as the back up for the other one.In most cases its the lady.

We guys will only keep our ex around for security incase our “post you” dating escapades don’t work out.Think of it this way,he’s got you on the sidelines waiting around for him while he does whatever he wants.He may even throw in the let’s be “Friends With Benefits” card and once you start hooking up with your ex then you will be nothing but a booty call to him.

If you find yourself in such a situation where you are somehow friends with your ex the best thing you can do is to Ghost him or her.Kill all the connection with him or her.Don’t ‘accidentally’ call him/her,don’t text.It’s hard but maintain no contact.Just move the hell on.More on ghosting in the next article.


Women make more mistakes with their exes than men.Here are some of the mistakes:

3 major mistakes women make with their exes.

Idealizing their ex – When you break up, you might find yourself remembering only the good times and forgetting about his flaws. You place him on a pedestal where you think you need him in your life to be happy, and that being with anyone else just won’t do because no one has his unique personality, his witty sense of humor, or his charming smile. Nonsense. No matter how great you think he is, there is someone else just as awesome, if not better than him, that is waiting to meet you.

Trying to get revenge – Maybe he cheated on you. Maybe he lied to you. Maybe he disrespected you. Whatever happened, it can become amusing to fantasize about getting your revenge on him but trust me the best revenge is best revenge is living well. Turn your focus inward and away from him.

Staying in contact with your ex- After a breakup, you aren’t likely to go immediately into being just friends. There are still emotions circulating between the two of you that will make this impossible, so it’s best to just cut off all contact for a period of time. Delete his number from your phone and unfollow him on social media until you are, without a doubt, over him. The rule of no-contact cannot be ignored!

We men have this tendency of not appreciating women in the moment.We tend to want them back when it’s too late.Once she starts to move on is when we feel the lose of losing her.Our need for her intensifies once we see her living well without us and at that moment is when we realize the mess we did.



you don’t miss your ex you just miss being in love.You think you miss how he held your hands, you think you miss how he would smile at you and you think you miss how he called out out your name.But the truth is that you miss love.

You don’t miss his hand. You just miss having a hand to hold. You don’t miss his lips. You just miss having lips to kiss. And you don’t miss the way he held you when you were hurting. You just miss having someone there for you.You miss the pure, innocent, and intoxicating love. The kind that you won’t ever forget. The kind that most people never have.


Don’t mistake that loneliness in your heart for him.

You don’t know him anymore. You don’t know that person now. You don’t know what his favorite shoes are anymore. You don’t know his choice of drink,and you certainly don’t know who he smiles at after a long day .You don’t know the boy you used to love. Not now anyway.

you can’t miss someone that is a stranger to you now. You can’t possibly miss someone that is merely an acquaintance. A ghost from the past. A memory.The loneliness you are feeling is that of absence of love not him.You miss having someone to laugh with till you get stiches.

You just long for love.

You long to feel needed and wanted.

You long to be adored.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with wanting love again. Just don’t mistake that longing for missing someone from your past. Don’t mistake that void, for not having him anymore.

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You miss love. Not him. You don’t know who he  is now, but you still know what love is. It’s love that is always going to be there forever.

share for a share.I hope someone has been touched by this.GUYS the next article is for you.It will be about 2 dating tools that we can successfully use in any relationship.

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