Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You

Men, what do you do if you in a relationship that’s dead but you just don’t want to leave your Girlfriend because leaving her will surely break her heart into a zillion pieces?

I have a solution. Instead of leaving her let her leave you. You can take the dirty way out and sabotage the relationship triggering her to think of leaving you.

‘what you gon’ do if i leave, bitch i’ma do me’- Big Sean

There comes a point in every man’s life that he feels its right to end a relationship. He will be the one to call it off. Most guys don’t think it through and end up facing a lot of drama from their ex.

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do because unless that person truly fucked you over, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. We all know about the sabotage break up where we just stop caring and hope the other person is smart enough to break up with us first so we won’t have to be the one to say it.

If you are keen enough when in a relationship you will be able to see any break up coming. There are some signs that will tell you if he or she is about to break up with you. All you have to do is to watch out for the signs.

Women get paranoid when the guy they love calls it quits. They get more paranoid when the break up is not because of something that they did eg cheating. A woman will end up asking herself different questions.

Why did he leave me?
Wasn’t i good enough?
Did i do anything wrong?
Is it because of what i did or said?

You see, women like to be able to control the outcome of almost everything. We can call them control freaks. The moment you break up with a girl you somehow shock her because she wasn’t in control of the break up, thus paranoia sets in. Her whole world gets turned upside down thus the intense crying, suffering and hurting.

I know people who have had to seek counseling just because a man they loved dumped them. The break was so intense that it forced them into depression, lack of self esteem and in some cases they lost the will power to live. Break ups are tough. They are especially tough if you are the one being left.

We’ve all heard of the crazy ex right? The one who brings up all the drama, cat fights and is an amazing stalker. If you research well you will realize its the man who left her. Any woman that breaks up with a man will never cause any drama upon the man.

She will move on peacefully without any issues. When she decides to end the relationship, she had already thought it through. She saw it us the best option. She may feel sad for leaving you but that pain isn’t as comparable as that of being left.

She may stalk you once in a while but she will never be termed ‘the crazy ex’. When a girl breaks up peacefully with you just know she had been planning the break for a while and was looking for the right time to break up with your ass. This peaceful break up has minimal chances of any reconciliation. The relationship is dead dead thus any hopes of you two getting back together is slim.

Most men when they break up with you they already have in mind who they are going to date next or pursue. They will jump from one girl to the other. When we break up with a woman we never really consider how she will react to the bad news. We usually see it as one less problem.

In real sense break ups affect women more than it does on men. Most men will feel the impact of a break up some months later. After like 3 months we get to miss you and start reminiscing about the Good old days. As i always say women are emotional creatures while us men we are sexual creatures. Women love to be loved.

Dudes, if you are planning on leaving your girl don’t do it; do something better, let her leave you. Yes wait and give her the pleasure and opportunity to leave you. This means once you feel like the relationship ain’t working out try the sabotage break up. Personally i can’t leave a woman. It’s not that i don’t have the ability to, it’s that I’d rather not do it to avoid the drama and all the BS from breakups.

I know this is really a bad advice but it actually works. If you want a good break up let her leave you. She won’t bring any drama upon you. If you wanted to leave her and she decides to break up with you first, she has actually done you a favor. When she leaves you, there will be no tears, no fights, she will just walk away.

When she leaves you she’s less heartbroken because it was her choice to end the relationship and if she will ever want you back she will get in touch with you. I know women who have never been left by a man. They will end the relationship the moment they start to notice things ain’t working out okay.

When she leaves you, her world isn’t turned upside down. It’s just tilted a little bit, she will slowly learn to live without you. She may later on regret about leaving but in the meantime she’s at peace with her decision. One good thing is that she ain’t cursing your ass for leaving her. If she leaves and you’ve been waiting for her to leave you will be so glad that she broke up with you.

When she leaves she gets to feel good and happy about her decision. In her mind she made the right choice.

When Zari left diamond she was seen as a strong woman who did what was right for her and her kids. She left peacefully. If it was the other way round the break up would have been nasty. You can’t compare how it feels when a man leaves a woman and when a woman leaves man. It’s like night and day.

You can always sabotage the break up and make her want to leave you. Every boyfriend or girlfriend has an expiry date. Ladies, when you expire and see the signs that you are no longer wanted just break up with him instead of waiting for him to leave you. If you wait he will disrespectfully leave you.

The problem with waiting for a woman to leave you even though you try to sabotage the relationship is that some women have a high tolerance level. They will tolerate any shit throw at them. Thus the longer you fake love her the more you despise her. If you can’t wait for her to leave you then just break up with her. If she becomes over dramatic about the break up, pambana na hali yako.

guys, don’t break up with your girl. Give her the opportunity to leave you and you will never have to complain to your boys about how crazy she got.


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