Does Body Count Matter?

Ya’ll be fucking. Fornicating. Touching. Loving. Sucking Dick. Eating Pussy. Right?

I know ya’ll do. Please by all means, GET YOUR NUT OFF. But do you really know who you’re fucking? This is not a debate of BODY COUNT.

Body Count is of course the number of dicks you’ve had inside of you and how many pussies you’ve been inside. Dick doers and Dick dealers. It’s ok, it’s human nature.

It’s not about how many people you fuck, but it is about WHO you fuck!
Body count does not matter. It just doesn’t. Niggas really out here asking, “How many guys have you fucked,” that’s lame. You shouldn’t even ask. That’s her body! Her Body.

But you can ask how many good vibes niggas has she smashed 😉

All you need to know is that she’s clean, ph balance is in tact, and she knows how to really fuck.

But back to the intentions of this blog,
Body count does not matter.

Now what does matter is WHO you’re fucking. Which is personal, and has NOTHING to do with the next person.
We all have souls. We have SPIRITS, that we carry around 24/7. Our energies, our vibes. Spirits.

The transference of energy is REAL.

“Every time we fuck her soul takes a hold of me.”

Having sex is about WHO you choose to give your energy, and spirit and whose energy are you receiving? Picking and choosing good energy is the key. Good Motherfuckin Vibes ONLAYYYYYY

Energy surrounds us all day everyday, but SEX is one of the most effective MESSENGERS. Because that shit feels so damn good. People are out here carrying emotional baggage and you’re receiving it through sex.

Never and I mean NEVER fuck someone who you wouldn’t want to be.

The more you have sex with someone, the deeper the connection and the more interlinked their aura is with yours. If you”re fucking and loving people with positive, optimistic, and uplifting mindsets. YOU WILL FEEL THAT.

BUT if you’re fucking and loving people that are negative, pessimistic, belittling, and depressing. YOU WILL FEEL THAT.

This is why bitches be stressed the fuck out, because the nigga they loving is unstable and negative. Stop fucking UNSTABLE CREATURES.

Have sex with good energies! When bad energy is transferred through sex, you start moving different. Breathing Different. This is why so many MEN are walking around traumatized. THEY ARE FUCKING ANY AND EVERYTHING.

If it got a hole, it’s their goal.

Sticking that dick into every chick, picking up HER AURA and giving it to the next bitch. So if he got a side bitch you sharing her aura too sis.

Our energies are made up of our emotional trauma, physical trauma, mental trauma, financial trauma, AND other people’s trauma. That’s a lot of fucking trauma and a lot of fucking energy to deal with.

How do you choose good vibes only?
Intuition, you will know when something/someone is off.

So does body count really matter if you’re giving your body to the right people?

You can fuck ONE bad spirit, and end up in a mental institution. That’s why that shit doesn’t matter. Choosing positivity comes with trial and error. People will fool you. But pay attention to people, watch out for things like hostility, anger, unpredictability, insecurities, always in bad moods or even wishy-washy people.

Those are signs for negative energy.
But there’s hope, you can:


It’s possible. You don’t have to walk around with bad energy 24/7. Then transferring YOUR bad energy into the next person…………….. Spare everyone. Cleanse Yourself.


Clean house. Get that negative shit tf out of here. Get off your phone. Get out of your bed. Go outside, take in the sun. Retrieve energy from the sun. Replenish yourself. Practice a little meditation, sit quietly and release any tension or negativity.


Forgive the mf that caused you all that pain. Yea, as cliche as this sounds, it actually works. LET IT GO. Clear all that cloudy and clogged energy.


Know wtf is going on. It’s okay to be empathetic but, DO NOT take on someone else’s energy. If they’re feeling angry, that’s their own emotion to feel.

Love Yourself. Self care, and self love is protecting your energy.

SEX is one of the most effective energy carriers. People don’t take care of themselves like you do.

Take three things from this blog:

  1. It’s not how many people you fuck, it’s about who you fuck.
  2. NEVER fuck someone who you wouldn’t want to be.
  3. Cleanse Your Energy

Sex will cause delusion. Be careful who you share your spirit with. Ya’ll be out here fucking demons. Literally making love to Toxicity, and wondering why your life is the way it is.

Spirits are energies. Align yourself with the most positive spirits possible. So when the topic “Does Body Count Matter?” comes up you now have a legit reason.

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