Did You Cum?

Did you cum?

Every man has asked the question “Did You Cum?” don’t lie. And every woman has either lied or just plain old ignored the question.

The Female orgasm is harder to figure out than Chinese arithmetic, because every woman is different.

You have girls who can cum faster than me when I first lost my virginity. You have girls who’ll go for two hours leave with nothing but a sore pussy. It’s funny, when you’re growing up you ask mad questions about sex.

Cumming face

Mostly we would ask our older friends. You ask about positions, oral sex, anything you could think of… But NEVER do you think to ask—how do you make a girl cum?

The thing about girls that’s interesting is that y’all can have epic sex, won’t be able to walk, quivering, and laughing—but never reach the promise land.

I’ve had sex where she finishes before me, gets off, and falls asleep and I’ve had sex whereby I cum before she does. Yeah the sex was good while it lasted. But it’s incomplete since not all parties got to cum.

So how can millions (I’m positive it’s millions) of girls go to bed without getting off? How can you roll over and listen to a dude snore in your ear while your pussy sits there still wet and unsatisfied?

Women are used to inadequate sex. That’s my guess. In a woman’s life time she’ll have a lot of sex. If she’s lucky, she’ll cum a dozen times.

So for a girl it must be a case of making the best out of a dead end situation and hoping that every six months or so you get lucky and he’ll give you the big O.

If I were a girl, I would be in a fucked up mood all the time! If the last time I came God’s Plan was the #1 song in the world there would be blood. I would need to cum at least four to five times a week to function.


How the hell do chicks not go crazy? Better yet, how do we fix the problem?

Is there something wrong with the Men or is there something with the Women? I think it’s a two sided problem.


1. Fourplay

Stop going straight to the pussy. Take your time and warm her up, don’t rush. Focus on kissing, her neck and also her ass.

What you do before having sex is just as important as your actual technique to give her an orgasm.

This is because, for women, sex is about more than just physical stimulation. It is about emotion.

Spend 20-40 mins on foreplay

2. Get to know the clitoris.

First things first: the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, period.

In fact, a study of more than 1,000 women in 2017 revealed that only 18 percent of ladies can orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. So when you’re having sex, you want to spend as much time stimulating her clitoris as possible.

Control the Wetness

You want a thunderstorm, not a hurricane. Being too wet may be fun when you want to do bouncing tricks with no friction, but when she’s tooooo wet and you are wearing a condom, you won’t feel shit.

Your dick will be drowning in that pussy. Take it out, sponge up some of that moisture. I don’t care if you use your mouth or the sheets. After you are done go back in and do your damage.

Sex art

Talk Dirty as Hell

You should love to talk during sex, I’m not talking generic “take that, who’s is this” bullshit. I’m talking about saying the nastiest things that you can think of.

You’d be surprised how much dirty talk turns on women. If you say the right words you’ll drive her nuts and wild.

Listen to her.

During sex, almost all women will give pointers on how they like to be fucked. If she says harder, go harder. If she says faster, go faster. If she says suck on my her boobs while fucking her, my nigga just do it. Listen to what she is saying.

Listen to how she responds to everything that you do.

The tricks you used on a different girl may not work on this girl. Girls are different and different things will make her cum. So pay attention to what she says and how she reacts.

For Women I only have one suggestion to help you easily cum.



If you can’t make yourself cum, how do you expect someone else to make you cum. Give your kitty a little rub every now and then and get to learn about your body. This way you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you are really struggling with cumming, You can also give your kitty a rub while in the middle of a fuckfest.


Rub your clit while he’s fucking you. It will make you cum faster and easier. While playing with your kitty cat think of the nastiest thing that you can imagine, don’t hold back.

The 2nd part is this.

When he’s up in it, thinking he’s putting in work. Don’t drift off and start thinking about what you’re going to wear tomorrow (y’all know y’all minds wonder off really quick)

Be present and actively participate in what is really happening. If the sex is too boring, you have the right to drift off.

I was to write something about sex positions but that’s an article for a different day.

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