Okay so there’s this niggas with some huge dick. It’s no problem to give head. Buuut riding it is sooooooo hard. My girlfriends keep asking how do you handle real big dick so it’s enjoyable and not painful 🤣-anonymous

A text 👆from one of my favorite persons, just like her there are so many women out there whom have been in a similar position.

A while back a friend of mine got freaked out by how huge her man’s dick was. She didn’t get to fuck him because she was terrified by its size. Long story short she ended up leaving him.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today i present to you an article on how to handle an extra big dick. Personally i don’t have such a big tool but for those who haven’t come across an enormous dick just ask Google. You will be surprised by what you will find.

So let’s get down to business. Normally we’d say you can never have too much of a good thing but once you’ve experienced sex with a larger-than-average penis you’ll know that you actually can. Bigger ain’t always better.

For those who have seen big dicks they ask themselves these questions “How does he walk around with that thing? Did it just look at me? How am I ever going to get that in me?”

Fact is: everyone is different in terms of what they like and what feels good and what’s too much. So forget about comparing notes with your bestie(s). If the size of his penis is making sex uncomfortable, it’s too big.

Sometimes you’d rather have sex with a guy whose penis is more like a carrot, because your well-endowed partner causes you pain every time you have sex. The pain can be so excessive that you might find it difficult to pee or sit after your bedminton.

So here is how you handle a big dick.

Three C’s: Communication, Communication, Communication!

I can’t stress this point enough. During sex wether his dick is big or average communication is key. Any and every position can be tried and enjoyed by both of you if there’s a healthy degree of bedroom communication. Letting him know what works, doesn’t work, and how things feel gives you just as much control as being on top. So always communicate.

The Three F’s: Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Prepare yourself physically – and have fun doing it – by not skiping on the foreplay.

Take extra time with teasing to more properly prepare your body, allowing your sexual juices to begin flowing and getting your vagina well and properly ready to take on whatever comes along. Have him do this by focusing on your hot spots with his fingers or tongue. You need to be really really wet so as to be able to take in what will be unleashed on you.

Foreplay will naturally relax the muscles of your pussy and provide some natural lubrication to ease him in, so it will be much easier for him to enter you without hurting you.


sometimes you need to invest in a good lube. A good lubricant will sensually hydrate you and soothe your skin. It will allow you to enjoy more sex if your man is well hung without feeling sore afterwards.

When you’re ready to actually have sex then work in some lubrication to your foreplay. With lube in your hands, rub up and down his shaft to drive him wild while preparing him for entry.

He can also do the same to you and work in some extra lubrication as his penis teases around your clit and other areas.

The three S’s: Slow, Slow, Slow

when it comes to dicks two things matter the girth (how wide it is) and the length. If it’s too wide that can be solved by foreplay or lube. But if his dick is Eiffel Tower long then there is a chance that he can cause you pain by hitting your cervix during penetration which feels like a
period pain and is not pleasant.

Remind the guy to always take it slow. He shouldn’t rush. Remember Most of the nerves in a woman’s pussy from which they derive all their pleasure are in the first three inches and the G-spot is typically two inches into a woman’s vagina, so guys focus on that.


The most favorable is cowgirl (girl on top) .This is because you use your thighs to control the levels of penetration – that way you get a good work-out at the same time.

Doggy style and missionary might not be the best options when your lover is well hung. Your best bets are positions where you have more control of the penetration. Try girl on top or spooning.

Practice missionary. Although many consider the missionary position very boring, sex in this position will be more comfortable if the partner has a big penis, and the partner will enjoy it too – especially if you are creative.

Find a position that suits you both. This is entirely up to you as a couple – talk to each other and experiment with various positions and you will soon work out which ones work best.

Spend the first few minutes of penetration with him making shallow thrusts before going deeper; this will be more enjoyable for you.

Have him CUM first .

If your BAE can get hard relatively quickly after cumming, have him cum first. During the second round his dick will be a little bit smaller. In fact, if you combine these steps you can have more fun with less pain.

Don’t be defeatist. There isn’t a sexual problem in the world that cannot be overcome with understanding and good communication.

So just make sure your partner is aware of your needs and you’re aware of his and you both should be able to enjoy a happy, healthy sex life.

So the next time you encounter a big dick don’t run away like my friend, be confident and work that dick like a pro.

I hope you have a good time, and remember – less is never more. It just might take some practice.

So get to fucking and remember safe sex is great sex. Adios.

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