Dating In Campus; Necessary Evil

Dating sucks. Can we agree on that? Good! Glad we got that outta the way.

Dating in campus is very simple. You meet like-minded people in student WhatsApp groups, house parties, in the clubs, during events and during the days you were sober in class.

Everyone is sleeping with everyone but no one cares. You can either be boo’d up almost the entire time or you can be on the sidelines judging others.

In my experience of dating and being on the sidelines, I’ve picked up on a couple of helpful things that you should all know.

10. You Ain’t The Only One.

Dating is a numbers game. No one puts all their eggs into one basket. I don’t care how amazing you are but until you have the conversation about being monogamous, always assume you’ve got some competition.

9. Keep Your Dirty Laundry To Yourself

People will laugh and talk about it but no one cares. You end up showing more about your character than you could ever say about the person you’re “blasting.” Keep you stupid dramas to yourself. Don’t involve everyone in whatever petty shit you are going through.

8. People are too QUICK to Borrow Money.

If I didn’t help you acquire that bill, don’t ask for my help paying it. It’s that simple.

7. Timing is Everything.

That person who isn’t ready for a relationship when you met them might not be bullshitting. Bad timing is a legitimate justification. Timing really is everything. If someone ain’t ready for a relationship just walk away. Don’t stress.

6. People are Crazy.

Everyone has been heartbroken. Everyone has their reasons for being single. Some people have issues deeper than that. Give it time and the crazy will show up. If you can’t wait to see the crazy in anyone just get them drunk or high and you will see how crazy he or she is.

5. Love is a Choice.

You choose to have sex. You choose to spend time together and You choose to fall in love. Love is something you choose to do. You get to a point where you know if you continue to do certain things the feelings will surface and you will be in love.

4. You’re Officially Too Old to For Some Activities.

You’re too old for silly stuffs. You’re too old for petty disagreements. You’re too old to be afraid to have grown up conversations about sex. Your pass to be naive and reckless has expired.

3. Use Your Network.

Your friends are you greatest net worth. As they say, networking gets you into places a degree can’t. Your friends will introduce you to new people and once in a while introduce you to a potential special someone. If your friends have never tried to hook you up are they really your friends?

2. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure.

Your crazy ex can turn out to be the best GF/BF to someone else. Whoever you leave may end up having a better relationship with someone else.

1. Everyone is Tired of Dating.

Most people are tired of giving dating another shot. They are tired of getting their hopes high or getting heartbroken by people who don’t deserve their love. Some have gone as far as saying their next gf/bf will be their last. It’s that bad.

Before you go get busy, take a moment and reflect on your own dating experiences.

I understand that some people have their own rules when it comes to dating while others just go with the flow. Dating in campus is one of those necessary evils. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself through your interactions with other people.

To one person you may be affectionate, but to another person you may be too clingy. It’s all about finding that one person who piques your interest enough for you to keep investing time in them.

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