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Greetings from the other side.Take a seat and let’s get started.

‘I gained the courage to go for that girl now what?’Good question.Now you can sit pretty and let Dr.Menez educate the masses.

Women are complicated creatures.Each one of them is wired completely different with a whole set of new challenges.

Here is the deal, just because she fucked me doesn’t mean she’ll fuck you and just because she fucked you doesn’t mean she’ll fuck me.

Today I will tell you how to improve yourself internally in order to be more confident and in control when you’re out there on that battlefield.

From my numerous failed attempts in getting chics I’ve learnt a few things. We all rate ourselves. You look in the mirror, you look at your friends, and you look at those who are in positions that you want to be in, then you measure your looks, finances, and talent along those lines. Don’t pretend like you don’t, embrace it and do it often because this is where you self-confidence comes from. It doesn’t really matter to the outside world if you look better than chris brown or not,if you believe it go with it.

No matter what you have going against you, there has to be something you see within yourself as special. If you wake up in the morning thinking how you’re not as handsome as that guy,or you don’t have enough cash like that guy then you are going to feel shit and be treated like shit.

You are unique just like everyone else and there is something that you have others don’t. It’s called the IT FACTOR.Find something about you and use it to your advantage.

One of the main reason’s keeping Boy X from getting as many women as Boy Y is doubt.If you don’t think you can get that beautiful girl from the bash then you won’t get her.

Women smell confidence from a mile away.If you think you are great you will come off great.Will you land that girl from the bash?Maybe not.But you will get someone as sexy as that girl. Okay now you believe in yourself, but chicks still decline.

This is where the stress portion comes into play, you have to show a woman that best part of you, then stress that aspect. If you have a nice body, step your clothes game up to show that.If you are short and you have jokes go with your kevin hart personality,make her laugh til she drops them panties. If you’re not the most fashionable or prettiest of dudes, but you get money, Stunt hard!Let them know you shitting money.If you can sing,sing your way into her heart.

One great thing about approaching women is that they will give any man approximately 2.7 minutes of her time. If a girl is single, even if she has a type she’s out hunting for, she will still give your non-perfect ass a few minutes of her time because ladies love attention. You can keep her attention as long as you plan your cards right, so stop just randomly approaching with nothing to say besides, “what’s your name ”.
Have you ever asked yourself “why is she with that guy?” It’s because that guy went for it. The average woman is scared to death of engaging a man first, which leaves the ball in your court the majority of the time. This is the most awesome part about being a man—we have a choice. The girl you think you’re not in the same league as is most likely too afraid to even wave at those guys she deems in her league, which by defaults keeps her in your league .

A woman who ignored you the first time will most likely give you a chance the next time. Rejection happens, but when you’re dealing with a female you see often No rarely means Never.A girl rejected your advances in semester 1,try again in sem two after the guy she was crushing on ignores her or after she is back to single’s lane. She’s been humbled, now she’s ready to reconsider her options and give you a shot.

All dudes before the age of 25 will have taken a vacation inside the lady parts of a woman whom may have seen them as the second choice, third choice, or fully not their type.

Remember, not every woman will think you’re cute, funny, or care about the money you stacking. Additionally you have to check your ego at the door and realize that sometimes a girl’s rejection could be based on things that were going on in her life when you asked, not based on your appeal. If you circle back around after enough time, she may reconsider.

This doesn’t mean disturb a girl on the weekly, that’s thirsty and pathetic, fall back and wait for the sign that she may have lowered expectations or is in a new place to where she can see that you are worth her time. In school it usually happens after a semester or two. In the real world you can usually tell by how much nicer she comes off when you meet again.

NOTE: A closed mouth doesn’t get pussy.Your confidence is on 100,your game is dope.Finally you got the number.Here is where 80% of us fail at..


Getting her number doesn’t mean you will fuck.It ain’t even a guarantee you will talk much. In a woman’s mind you may just be someone to talk to because she’s bored, so always assume that you have to put in work! Even if a woman thinks you’re sexy, one bad conversation can turn you ugly. This means you don’t have room for error, so let your personality shine through from the start.

“What did you do today… oh that’s cool… did you have fun ”. You just bored the panties back on a girl you probably could have got with. STOP THE DRYNESS! Unless you’re in a relationship, you have no business starting a conversation about a woman’s day.

So what should we talk about?


Girls love to talk about themselves, not what they did, not what they’re watching, but who they are and who they are not. If you can master the art of being the type of man that can listen, she will always want to take your call. Even though you may not be high on her list when it comes to looks or money, the fact that you are there to lean on and see things from her perspective makes you invaluable.

As Philosopher menez says “A shoulder to lean on is a dick to ride on”

Do not feel a need to jump in with your own life story, it sounds mean, but women do not want to hear that shit when they’re trying to unload things they never get to express. There will be times when you get to go into your feelings, but in the beginning place the focus on her and really get to understand who she is. Stick to small doses of who you are.

At the same time, keep your intentions clear or you will fall into the friendzone.Don’t play it too cool or friendly.If you do that you are showing yourself out of the girlfriend zone.

After seeing all that she really has to offer it’s time for us to decide what we want from her.

Pussy : She’s cool and all, but you just want to fuck.

Relationship : You’re not trying to marry her, but you damn sure want to handcuff something this bomb and keep her away from the rest of the world.

Friendship : She’s not someone you want to be tied down to, but a girl you want to keep around just to have fun with.

Any dude who says he doesn’t know what he wants from a girl he’s known for more than 30 days is a liar.The first thing we want from a woman we meet is pussy.The rest comes later.

Let me make something clear, You have the right to just want to have fun, to date multiple girls, and to fuck like a rabbit until you feel it’s time to grow up. Get serious when you’re ready, not because you hit a certain age, your mother says so, or a girl is really nice to you. Do You until you meet that Game Changer, which means keep your options open and explore until the lighting of a bad bitch strikes and takes away that desire to holla at new girls.

Once you master the art of talking to women and getting them to open up, do not waste their time and your time misleading them with lies or letting them assume shit is more serious than it is.


There are things I call innocent lies and then there are heartbreaking lies. An innocent lie is, “I want you to come over and chill cus I miss you, I won’t try nothing”. There is no harm in luring a grown woman back to your place. If she believes that you’re not going to try and finger her halfway through Empire, then she’s an idiot. Those are little cat and mouse games that men and women play.
A heartbreaking lie is, “Yes I want to be with you, you’re not like the rest ”, when you know damn well you barely like the bitch, and just want to use the title to get in that pussy. Dude, believe in your game! If you talked to her the right way and impressed her, she wants to smash, you don’t need to tip the scales by lying about how this shit is destined.

“ Man you can’t just say you want to fuck because they won’t fuck ”, that’s sort of true, but if your game is tight you don’t have to say a word. All you will need to do is to be available because chics will holla at you to fuck.

Women do what they want to do with whom they want to do it with! If a girl is feeling you,nothing will stop her from spreading it open for you, regardless of her relationship status.

if you continue to be a real friend, she’ll most likely still fuck you. If she doesn’t, oh well, you can repeat the same steps and pull another girl, and this time you may actually meet one you like.

If your only focus is “How can I have sex with girls ” then you’re missing out on the true beauty of women. Physical attraction is nothing compared to the chemistry you can have with a woman that can turn you on mentally as well. There are hoes, and there are women, if you just want sex then don’t bother dating,
If you want to experience what women really have to offer, stop looking at them as objects and start looking at them as prospects.

Approaching women can be intimidating, rejection is always scary, and actually falling for one is even more terrifying. The rollercoaster of is she right for life or just right for a few nights puts us men in a position where we occasionally have to hurt feelings, and no matter how easy you let a girl off after you figure out she’s not the one, you will be painted the bad guy.

One last thing.

It doesn’t matter if she didn’t think you were that cute, or that you can be a bit of an asshole. You put in the work and made her see you as someone worthy of her trust and affection, now she likes you in spite of all those negatives because you showed her the type of attention and patience most guys don’t . Gaining her trust and affection is the main agenda.

I think that sums up everything about getting women.Now it’s time for you fellas to not only grab your balls but grab them correctly.Good luck.


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