Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do because unless that person truly fucked you over, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. We all know about the sabotage break up where we just stop caring and hope the other person is smart enough to break up with us first so we won’t have to be the one to say it.

"Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You"

The Perfect Threesome

The threesome has been the ultimate goal for most men since earth came into existence. Most men have had plenty of sex but not all have had threesomes. This is a fantasy for all men its in every man’s bucketlist. It’s also in our bucketlist list to see some girl on girl action😋😜 If you don’t believe me ask any normal guy and if they say they have never dreamt of a threesome that nigga…

"The Perfect Threesome"

When Does Sex count

When Does Sex Count? This week an intagrammer by the handle at @sammroi had a confession thngy going on in his story. Damn!! People have no chills. Everyone is hoeing left, right and centre. Girls are now untamed. A good dick drives any innocent looking chiq nuts. Next weeks article is on how each and every girl should have a hoeing phase. It really helps. We have all had sex with numerous people and some…

"When Does Sex count"


Okay so there’s this niggas with some huge dick. It’s no problem to give head. Buuut riding it is sooooooo hard. My girlfriends keep asking how do you handle real big dick so it’s enjoyable and not painful 🤣-anonymous A text 👆from one of my favorite persons, just like her there are so many women out there whom have been in a similar position. A while back a friend of mine got freaked out by…


Being A side nigga

Everyone knows what an illegitimate child is. The one that never gets claimed when people are around. You go to the family’s home and there are pictures around the house of everyone but that one kid. Being the side nigga is almost the exact same thing as this except you aren’t messing with your family. A lot of you know guys or have even been the side nigga to a girl. “Unadate huyo dem? “…

"Being A side nigga"

Confessions of a fuckgirl

It’s no secret we all love confessions, here is one by a friend who wants to remain anonymous. Names have been change. I don’t do relationships. I haven’t been monogamous with another human being since early 2015 and I’m in absolutely no rush to change that. I can’t remember the last time i made a commitment on anything. I size most people up by my level of attractiveness to them and the likelihood of my…

"Confessions of a fuckgirl"

The hoe phase

Hoe-Phase a phase in your life that occurs frequently when you are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people. these activities do not always end in s-x, but can lead to it. Welcome back, welcome back, welcomeee back. If you’re new to this blog then you’re in for a ride, but if you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you already know what the fuck is going on. During the hoe…

"The hoe phase"