Reasons Women Dislike Nice Guys

Oh, the Joy of waking up to those Good Morning Texts! “Good Morning Beautiful” “Wake Up Bitch” You send her “Good Morning Beautiful” EVERY morning, bring her ice cream, listen to her problems, send her cash, show up at her house to check up on her. You are showing complete and utter interest in this woman, basically SUCKING HER ASS……..and she curves you, over & over & over & over again. YOU STILL HAVEN’T EVEN…

"Reasons Women Dislike Nice Guys"

Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do because unless that person truly fucked you over, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. We all know about the sabotage break up where we just stop caring and hope the other person is smart enough to break up with us first so we won’t have to be the one to say it.

"Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You"

Pu$$y’s Good But A Woman’s Better

Pu$$y’s Good But A Woman’s Better Having a dick makes you feel like a Roman Emperor around the turn of the century. Women are like the ancient world and they bend at your will. Lie, cheat, fuck this one and that one, it’s all good because you have this confidence that your empire will never ever fall. Of course Rome did fall, never to rise again, and while your dick isn’t going anywhere, the women…

"Pu$$y’s Good But A Woman’s Better"