Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers

Getting a woman’s number can by far be the easiest thing to get confused. As a man we always feel getting the digits is a sign of victory that of course she’s interested back when the whole time she could just be giving it with not one intention of even replying to one single text you send.

"Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers"

There Are Three Kinds Of Men

There Are 3 Kinds Of Men There are about three ways men get sex in this world; through playing, through paying, or through their celebrity status (some form of public fascination; that’s being extremely attractive, talented, smart, etc.). The two biggest things that come into play concerning sex are time and money/resources; Either he has the time to play or the money to pay, in most cases he usually doesn’t have both. So in this…

"There Are Three Kinds Of Men"

Timing love

I always believed that love was a choice, it was never just about feelings because I could want to snap your neck in half today but I would still love you tomorrow. Gosh, when I found you I thought maybe after many trials with love, I could finally meet that person that I would choose to love even things get rough and I did. I found you, fresh after a broken heart. I knew you…

"Timing love"