Reasons Women Dislike Nice Guys

Oh, the Joy of waking up to those Good Morning Texts! “Good Morning Beautiful” “Wake Up Bitch” You send her “Good Morning Beautiful” EVERY morning, bring her ice cream, listen to her problems, send her cash, show up at her house to check up on her. You are showing complete and utter interest in this woman, basically SUCKING HER ASS……..and she curves you, over & over & over & over again. YOU STILL HAVEN’T EVEN…

"Reasons Women Dislike Nice Guys"

Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers

Getting a woman’s number can by far be the easiest thing to get confused. As a man we always feel getting the digits is a sign of victory that of course she’s interested back when the whole time she could just be giving it with not one intention of even replying to one single text you send.

"Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers"