Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers

Categories Of Women Who Give Out Their Phone Numbers

Getting a woman’s number can by far be the easiest thing to get confused. As a man we always feel getting the digits is a sign of victory that of course she’s interested back when the whole time she could just be giving it with not one intention of even replying to one single text you send.

A mind game? Yes it is but it’s a risk every man willing to take because we’ll never know until we try. Getting her number doesn’t mean anything. Before she officially saves your number you will have to play your cards well.

Females favorite 2 tricks stopped working on the overly persistent dude who wont quit. They used to give out fake numbers but now that doesn’t work because there is this new type of males species who will call her phone as soon as he gets it to make sure her phone rings and that she can save her number back.


The second… the infamous “I have a boyfriend” line which not one man walking this earth cares about. Don’t get it confused though not every female is going to ignore you but there it’s plenty of categories that we can categorize all women who give out their phone numbers.

so let me name a few.

No intentions of responding type:

She just gave you her number because she was too nice to reject you so once you get it, 9/10 she gone regret she let you get it. She will instantly block your ass when you get on her nerves or just leave your text on read.

Only going to respond when she bored type:

She has no interest in you at all but you keep hitting her up so she gone respond from time to time giving you a fucking dry conversation hoping you yourself get the point and get the fuck out of her inbox.

The user type:


She gone take advantage of the fact you feeling her and might just let you take her out and that’s it. You nothing but free food. She calls you up when she wants to be taken out or when she’s craving some junk food. Don’t be a sucker.

Interested until you mess up type:

Now here you have a slick chance with her, the ball is in your court. She kinda feels you a little bit but that first time you ask for a pic or bring up sex you just turned her off completely and have no chance with her now. Nowadays women hate getting asked for their pics.

Ready to turn up type:

You struck gold! She’s liking your vibe. If you call her she will turn up and avail herself. She maybe a turn up queen and both of you will have lots of fun. But she has limits, when their is nothing happening that may interest her you won’t see her around.

The one who actually likes you:

This is just straight forward. She’s into you and wants both of you to know each other, build something with you more than just a couple texts and casual sex from time to time. She will start the conversations and chances of having a dry conversation are really low. She’s The one you take serious and play your cards right with.

Those examples are only the few types of misconception that majority females can relate to but if you’re not any if it don’t apply let it fly.


Men we never know which type we gone run into until we actually get her number. All I can say is play your cards right it’s a chest game we didn’t sign up for.

Facts : 9/10 if you got her number in the club you gone get ignored, you know how many savages have approached her non-stop since she been in there. She may not even remember giving you her number. Be safe it’s filthy out here.

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