Borrowing Money From Your Girlfriend.

This is one of those things that boggles my mind. It’s a societal norm of sorts that the man is supposed to be the breadwinner. I get that. However, in today’s world that is quickly changing. I know a lot more couples where the woman is the one that’s gettin’ bank.

I’m not gonna focus on that though. I wanna talk about the more traditional side of things. It’s tough for some of us to hold our own sometimes because sh*t happens. People get broke, lose their cash, misuse their funds etc list goes on and on.

See, I’m a believer that if you’re in a relationship with someone and not just fucking that you should be able to count on each other during tough times. I know a lot of people that would agree with me…until money is officially in the picture. As they say money is the root of all evil. Look at what happened with Vera and Otile.

There is a video online of Nick Mutuma talking about this. I will quote what he said.

“saa ile umesota, is this chiq still with you?
When you are going through a hard time is she concerned about you or how you doing?

Anakusaidia na fare saa ile enye huna. Those are things that you should consider when looking for a gf in college “

Nick Mutuma actually talked some sense. I know some women who go over and beyond for their men. They got his back on everything and i also know those who will feel resentment when they help their man with any cash.

My dad once told me “One of the biggest problems with people is that we’re often reluctant to ask for what we need.” That didn’t mean too much at the time. But nowadays as I see people letting their pride body them, it’s a lot evident how right dad really was.

Some of us, both men and women, would rather work do all and any type of job and be stressed out for months than take money that’s offered to us by a significant other. Granted, I don’t think that every time someone is offering you money that you should take it.

There are times where it really is better to look for another alternative. For example, if a dude is offered 5K from his boo and he knows he won’t be able to pay it back soon then he shouldn’t take the money unless he wants issues later on in the relationship.

Most females have no problem with borrowing money from the bae. They will feel comfortable doing so. Not many guys can borrow money from their girlfriends. To us it seems like a sign of weakness and it’s not manly. Better we suffer in silence than admit to our women that we are broke or having some financial constraints.

Another example, if a man is datin’ a woman that always likes to hold things over him in later arguments, he probably shouldn’t take the money unless he’s ready to get beat over the head with it several weeks or months later from now. If everytime you have an argument and your bae brings up how you owe her or him money, then it’s really wise to never borrow anything from him or her.

Borrowing money from your boyfriend or girlfriend can;

  1. It Could Ruin Your Relationship
  2. It May Prolong A Relationship That’s Already Over
  3. It Can Cause An Imbalance In The Relationship
  4. It Can Cause Feelings Of Resentment
  5. It Can Put A Strain On Your Relationship

If you deal with a man who has money for the latest copy of Fifa19, wears the trendiest clothes and shoes, but yet has no money to pay his personal bills, chances are he is fiscally irresponsible. Women don’t want a man who can’t handle his own, because they won’t be able to handle bigger issues as they arise.

There is a difference between lending someone money and giving someone money. If you girlfriend says “beb, nikopeshe 2k nitakurudishia”. The keyword in this statement is Nitakurudishia. This word legally binds her to pay you back. If she said something like “nipee or nihelp na 2k, kuna stuff Nataka kufanya,” then she isn’t obliged to pay you back. It will be you just doing your normal boyfriend duties.

I think it’s a million times smarter to GIVE someone money under NO false pretence that the money will be returned to you, as opposed to hoping you get your Money back.

NEVER loan your significant other a substantial amount of money unless you are willing to do Everything to collect it. By everything i don’t mean do as how Vera did. A substantial amount of money is that money that you think is too BIG to loan out.

If my boo was bankin’ and she offered me money to help me in the short term, I’d take it and make sure i pay it when i said i would pay it. That’s just me though. I don’t like stress. But how about everyone else? What are your thoughts on borrowing money from significant other. Let’s discuss.

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