Black widow

There are three types of women
Dumb Bitches: Fuck you because you’re cute.

Ladies : Fuck you after you’ve earned their trust and have committed yourself to her and only her .

Hoes : Fuck you because of money or status.

All females can be categorized into these 3 categories. Take time and see where you fit in. Be honest with yourself.


I think most girls have been dumb bitches while young or in university. That’s why there will always be college parties being planned and guys will attend them.

Classy ladies will always hate hoes because we men love them.Some argue hoes have the most fun. 
Hoes are the reason we get fresh. Hoes are the reason we want to buy nice cars. Without hoes guys would walk around with no cool haircuts and rocking pajama pants. What would rappers like lil Wayne, quavo rap about?

By Hoe I don’t mean an exchange of money… you’ve done something in order to get something in return, maybe you don’t talk about it, or you blame it on liquor, but you did it. So don’t sit up and judge another female for doing something similar. 

Dumb hoes are the ones you know about, Smart hoes move in silence. No one should ever know who you’re fucking or what you’re getting out of them.

Hoes will always be winning because of their ability to not only approach a man, but strike up the type of conversation that keeps his attention as well. 

I believe in “if you want something go for it” That mentality should be applied to everything in life including relationships.

If you’re going for a guy you like and you make a connection, it’s no longer on you to take it to the next level. Let me know you like me and take all the guessing out of my pursuit, so I know that its real.

If its real we will do all the work. The man has to ask you out. The man has to take you out. He has to work to show you a good time. He has to work to get you open enough for sex. He has to work at giving you good sex. He has to work at being a good boyfriend.

If you’re picking good men, not bum ass niggas, then he will work hard to make you his and keep you his. In a perfect world your prince charming will speak to you first and do all those things leading up to your wedding day, in return you won’t have to do shit but look cute. Keyword—perfect world. You can hold out hope, but this is and never will be a perfect fucking world, and in the 21 century prince charming now has a gang of hoes that don’t look like ugly step sisters vying for his attention in front of you Cinderella.

 I’m not calling for women to arrange the first date, pay for dinner, and ask him to be their man. I’m calling for women to get off their ass and give this new generation of men who have a world full of hoes they could easily fuck, a reason to work hard. 

Introduce yourself and have something interesting to say when you do— if you’re not up to do that then you’re the lazy one. If he acts as if he’s not into you, oh well, he wasn’t into you.

Good thing about a girl approaching a man is that you are getting the person you CHOSE.A guy is going to approach you based on looks and keep talking to you based on how cool you are.

Do you want to know if a dude is getting money? That’s simple. If a dude has money he will spend money.Niggas will be buying all kind of things.Wait until we get our helb money and you will agree with me.Guys will be rocking shoes from known labels, new phones etc Takeoff (a member of migos) can buy a 500k chain because he is getting money.Money talks.
All men want real love, but we settle for easy pussy until that right woman comes along and saves us from ourselves. I know I know, it’s not fair that a woman who is on a higher level should be forced to open her mouth first, but neither is the fact athletes are paid more than school teachers– get over it. 

Ladies,Correct me if I’m wrong. Most of the guys who ask for your number are never really your type.They may be good but not good enough. 

Men who aren’t confident think the more money they get the better grade of woman they can attract. Hip Hop is the music of the people and if you pay attention, you can learn a lot about the male psyche. From Tyga to Meek Mill, rappers have crafted hot punchlines comparing the bitches they use to get against the ones they now get. 
A woman’s bank account has nothing to do with the men she pursues. No man is out of your league no matter how broke or how rich you are. So with that being said why would you ever settle for just the guys who come up and talk to you?

You’re a woman, the most desired thing in the world, that means you should piss confidence. 

With the right swag, any female can have any guy she wants to! if you’re the type of girl who has guys you actually likes coming up to you all the time then you’re doing something right. However, if you’re the type of girl that’s not attracting the quality guys you deserve then your technique is flawed. Stop waiting and start see taking action. 

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