Bedroom Bully: Signs You Are Hitting It Right

Reading a woman’s thoughts and emotions can be quite difficult especially during sex, but there are a few physical and verbal signs that will be great indicators that you are putting in good form and pleasing her right.

Some of the signs you may already know, but others maybe new to you. Either way, if you observe any of these reactions in the list, you ARE King dingaling…or zdaddy

Signs You Fucked Her Real Good

1. She gets the leg shakes

2. After you’re done, she curls up into a fetal position

3. She tells you not to stop

4. Her eyes roll in the back of her head

5. She digs her nails in your back

6. She throws it back during doggy

7. You hear the the words, Shit, Fuck or Yeah while you’re stroking

8. She doesn’t want you to pull out when you are having raw sex

9. Her pussy walls tighten while you’re inside

10. She can’t stand up straight or walk straight

11. While in doggy style she loses balance and collapse on the bed

12. She walks like a cowboy for about three days

13. She grabs the sheets on the bed

14. She creates a puddle in the bed that soaks through your sheets

15. Her toes curl

16. She lays still for a few seconds right after she cums like she is paralyzed

17. She gets up to fix you something to eat and drink

18. She compliments you and your dick

19. She sucks air in between her teeth before moaning

20. After you’re done, She can’t speak but only shakes her head to say “yes” or “no”

21. when you try to speak to her
Her moans become high pitched

22. She calls out your name

23. She gets goosebumps all over her body

24. She uses the grip of death on your head between her thighs when you give her head

25. She has to cover her mouth because she’s moaning too loud

26. She starts to stutter while you’re hitting it

27. She grabs the back of your head while you’re eating her pussy

28. She starts running from the D…hitting that spot sometimes feels too good to handle

29. Her breaths become short

30. She lays on the bed helplessly after you are done.

If your partner has displayed several of these reactions, then you are a BEDROOM BULLY.

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