B. U. D (Back Up 🍆)

the guy who’s good enough to be your man, but you don’t touch until the Titanic…

My temporary boyfriend

“ Why do guys want me when I have someone, but when I’m single no one…

Date multiple men

A woman is only as quality as the men that she gives her number to. 

Every guy has a 1% chance of fucking any girl.

Have you ever begged for Pussy? If you have a penis the answer is yes.

Good girl gone BAD

*Look around* We're all adults here right? GOOD!

Chase a b***h

is she right for life or just right for a few nights

Hitting it

There are a ton of reasons why men grow tired of women, but let’s touch on…

Black widow

​There are three types of women Dumb Bitches: Fuck you because you’re cute. Ladies : Fuck…

Pulling out,Why guys love it.

“This is a man’s world; but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl”…

How To Know If You Are Dickmatized/Pussymatized

*Look around* We’re all adults here right? GOOD! Today am talking about something different.Something that has…