Are Your Standards Too High?

Don’t cut someone off because their pinky toe is longer than their other ones.

High Standards will leave you High alright, high and dry. Having Standards is not the issue, but please choose your standards wisely.

If you don’t have ANY standards you will settle for anything. IF YOU DON’T SET STANDARDS YOU BETTER GET READY TO SETTLE. So have standards, but be reasonable.

Shallow standards: You have little to no depth. It’s basically you judging your partner strictly off the qualities YOU want them to have. You don’t factor in anything else, only the qualities YOU are seeking in them.

Settling: You choose a lower standard. You opt out for a lower grade of quality than what you ACTUALLY want. You aren’t able or willing to satisfy your set out needs so you choose the lesser.

Most of the time, people not only women list qualitifications for a partner that they don’t carry themselves. Make sure your standards can equate or surpass what you’re looking for in your partner!
That’s called reality. Being real with with yourself first.

So before you ask for loyalty, ask yourself “Self, am I even loyal?”
Before you request your partner to have all their shit together, ask yourself “Self do I have all MY shit together?”

Remember I’m not telling you to settle, but to be REALISTIC. Ask yourself, what Am I bringing to the table besides being fine and my warm pussy?

Guys, what do we have to offer besides head, headaches, and hard dick???

We get told everyday, don’t settle when it comes to love, money, or life in general. But when reality is indeed reality, settling happens to A LOT of people. See, everyone is not built to overcome and some people do INDEED settle.

For Example

Women end up unhappy with a man because they thought it was all rainbows and kisses when this nigga came into their life and had that cash. You fucking with a man for money, that’s what your relationship will be based off.

There Is A Huge Difference Between Settling And Being Realistic

There is a difference between searching for your ideal partner, and searching for a unicorn. Recognize your patterns, acknowledge them when they arise, and see the person across from you as they are, not as their resume suggests.

What’s the point?

Recognize the difference between someone who doesn’t have their shit together and ISN’T trying to get their shit together vs. someone who is TRYING! Please don’t fall in love with potential.

He/she is going to potentially fuck your life up. So, I say ALL of this to say be realistic when setting standards. It’s ok to Set your standards, but make sure you can abide by those same standards.

Are you “that bitch” that deserves “that nigga”?
Are you “that nigga” that deserves “that bitch”?

What is it that you really want from a man or from a woman?

Be real with yourself first.

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