Are you a manwhore?

Are you a manwhore?

Is it bad sleeping around as a man? Not really, it is normal.

And what’s a manwhore?

We can say you are a manwhore if you’ve smashed more than 40 women. Below that is normal. Trust me 40 is not a huge number. If it was a girl, I would say 10 is normal. But I give a small allowance to men. They have to soar their wild oats. I mean nature of the beast.

But these numbers depend with your age. And age is just a number. I am writing this article with the assumption that you, my dear reader is around 22 years old. If you are 21 and you have banged 20 people, whether male or female, you are onto something else. A very high lay count. You are not walking the narrow path, you are on the highway. It is just a matter of time and soon you will hit the 100 body count by 30. A triple digit lay count.

It doesn’t make sense calling men fuckboys or manwhores. A man is praised if he fucks many women. In a group of many men, only one 1 percent will bang most females. The rest wananyonga monkey or get lucky once in a while.

That one percent is what ends up being called fuckboys and manwhores and everyone man reading this has a 1% chance of fucking any woman. That percentage doesn’t decrease, it can only go up. Most females are attracted to the 1 percent gang since they are presumed to be good in bed. The 1 percenters were born to please females.

A man can never be a whore…says a friend of mine who likes sleeping around. I tell him he is a whore but it doesn’t have an effect on him as a man. No one will even know. There is no way you can tell a man has been sleeping around. How? Oh, there is. You can’t physically tell but you’ll hear about it from friends and other sources.

Most manwhores get an STD here and there. If you have smashed 40 females, you must have at least picked an STD. some of them clear themselves off with time. There are dangerous STDs and there are those light ones that just clear off after a few days. You are lucky if you haven’t had one despite whoring around.

6 Simple signs that you are a manwhore.

  1. Your body count is higher than your age.
  2. You are a WhatsApp whore. If your WhatsApp chats is filled with pussy offers texts then you are on your way to Whoredom.
  3. You’ve ever called a girl by a wrong name more than once. Let’s say she’s called Mercy you find yourself calling her Caro.
  4. You can’t remember the names of people that you’ve fucked.
  5. You immediately lose interest after you’ve slept with a girl.
  6. It takes you more than one minute to count the number of girls you’ve slept with.

Use a rubber manwhore. Just let condoms be your bae. If you like sex like most people, develop a love for condoms equally. You can use those extra thin ones. Even though it is said some STDS are not preventable by condoms. You can catch them whether you have rubber or not. Rubber just helps you reduce the chances.

Better yet you can get a good girl who doesn’t move with many men. But what is a good girl? And do you even deserve a good girl as a manwhore. Even though good chics tend to fall for these playboys. Actually women are attracted to players….eeeeeeeeeehhh!!

Continue shouting. Nice weekend!

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