Are You A GirlBro?

Who is a girlbro

A girlbro is A girl who you can hang out with like she’s one of your bros .

How do you know you are a girlbro?

1. They open up to you about the most random things.

One day they sit you down and you start hearing about their latest conquests and you actually feel proud of what… who they have accomplished. You even start to get where you are helping them with their conquests.

2. Sex, porn, and sexual experiences are another topic of conversation.

It’s still awkward to hear it, but you’re kind of used to it already and forget that it is probably weird for a girl to be hearing about this… This is probably the time you pull out your phone and zone out of the conversation. Them talking about sex with you around has become a normal thing.

3. They expect you to go out with them every single night

They want you to always be with them when they go out. You are now part of the squad. They feel insulted if you go somewhere without telling them.

4. You’re like their mom.

When you go out, they can always count on you to take care of them after a couple of drinks. You will probably have to order them an uber at about 3am or find a way to get them home.

5. Girls always talk behind your back saying you either want to hook up with all of them or you’re a lesbian.

And you don’t care because they just don’t get it.

6. There is finally no drama.

You don’t have to worry about what they are saying behind your back… Because they are not talking behind your back. They will say things straight to your face and will be totally frank.

7. You start to think like them

Since you are constantly hanging around with them, you start to think like the guys. Their characteristics rub off on you.

Are a girlbro?

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