The Campus Girl Is Not A Wife, she’s A Student.

The campus girl is not a wife, she is a student.

Recently I wrote an article about how girls who smoke weed make the perfect girlfriends. This simple article brought light onto a lot of issues. The stereotyping women face is unbelievable. If you didn’t read the blog here it is (click here)

Guys, if you don’t like a girl who smokes or drinks, just don’t approach her. It’s that simple.

It is easy to describe how ruined the campus girl is, but people often forget the cause of the ruin; the campus boy. The campus girl cannot party endlessly without the boy. If she were not ‘having a good time’ with him the she probably would have spent her time doing constructive things.

Trust me, a campus girl wouldn’t have fallen prey of sexual immorality if a campus boy didn’t ask her to lower her dress for him. She wouldn’t have turned into a ‘hoe’ if this campus boy didn’t break her heart. Why would you judge someone for drinking and partying too much while you are the one who is calling her to party and drink?

If a campus girl does the same thing a campus boy is doing, she will be told she’s not fitting the description of a wife material. Who writes this rules?

A campus girl doesn’t want to be married. She will cross that bridge when the time comes. For now she has to worry about getting her degree, overcoming depression, finishing her studies without getting pregnant or contracting any STDs or having abortions.

Life is already hard on her. The pressure of trying to be a ‘wife’ isn’t something extra that she needs. Furthermore, your mums didn’t raise you all to kiss ass and please everyone. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

There was an article which was arguing that “The Campus Girl is not a wife”. I agree with that, the campus girl is a student not a wife. That’s a big difference. Campus girls are just that campus girls. None of them has requested for the wifey title.

A certain article said that campus girls with these traits are not wife material. This is the dumbest list that you’ll ever come across.

10 signs she’s not a wife material.

  1. If she’s heavy in the club scenes
  2. If she drinks or smokes too much
  3. If she’s money hungry
  4. If she never has anything interesting to say
  5. If she only cares about herself
  6. If she’s always on her phone
  7. If she a hug maniac – loves to hug everyone
  8. If she dresses indecently
  9. If she can’t cook a decent meal
  10. If she prefers eating fast food to home cooked meal.

As you can see the list is full of BS. There is nothing of substance in this list. Judging a woman based on such a list is crazy. Campus girls don’t make good wives because they are still in campus.

If you are looking for a perfect wife, for heaven’s sake, don’t rush to any university for one. Campus girls are full of life and love adventure. If she hasn’t decided to settle no matter what you do she won’t settle.

There’s so much hate on campus girls from the society at large. Just take your phone and search “campus girls in kenya.” The results that you will get are all negative. Most of the articles that you will come across are mostly focusing on moral indecency.

I’ll be the first person to say that campus girls are facing a lot of shit. Being a campus girl doesn’t necessarily mean being immoral or catty. Being a campus girl doesn’t mean you subject yourself to wifely duties for a man whose focus is on things such as weed, alcohol, parties and sex.

There is nothing quite as liberating as not giving a hoot about what anyone thinks about your behaviour, and not needing anyone’s approval of the way you live your life.

Being a campus girl doesn’t necessarily mean being immoral or catty. Being a campus girl simply means she letting go of apprehensions and being the person she really want to be, despite what anyone else thinks.

Campus girls don’t give a damn about their reputation. They have zero tolerance for BS: The best part about campus girls is that they have low tolerance for BS. Whether it is from men or fellow women, they simply don’t take shit from anyone.

Campus girls are hustlers. Yes there are some who sleep with men to make some fast cash but for most of them work their ass off. Most are using their skills to earn a living. We all have female friends who on most weekend are busy doing promotions just to earn some extra cash.

If a campus girl is not involved with promotions you will find her working as make up artists, graphics designers, salonist, publicist, models, video vixens, influencers, web developers, academic writers, influencers etc. She’s a hustler.

Campus girls are street smart… They’ve mastered the art of survival and if need be they can depend on themselves. They have learnt how to handle men, relationships, fake friends and their families. A campus girl is multi talented and a master of many crafts.

Campus girls don’t allow people to mistreat them or walk all over them because they know their worth and they are never afraid to speak their mind. They never ever apologize for who they are.

We all have our flaws, and anyone we date or come across has to either come to terms with those flaws or exit from our life. As I said your mama didn’t raise you to kiss ass and bend to everyone’s will. Flaws are only a big deal if you make them a big deal.

Society will look at your flaws and make a small thing look like a huge thing. If you are comfortable with your flaws then it surely won’t matter. Someone will look at your numerous flaws as just a part of you and still want you.

Before we say that campus girls are not wife material we need to check ourselves and ask ourselves if we really are husband materials. Being a ‘wife material’ entails so much more than cooking, cleaning, being decent, submissive etc. These 👆👆 are just basic stuff that any lady can do.

When the time is right for the campus girl to settle down, she will settle down and be a good wife to a deserving man. As for now, she’s living her life by her own rules.

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