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9 Things That You Shouldn’t Do After Sex.

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What you do after sex is just as important as what you did during sex. If it was that lit I just want to sit back, chill, catch my breathe, maybe drink a cup of water, go 2 sleep, or look at the ceiling.

It has come to my attention that after getting that happy ending many people don’t know what to do with themselves, so due to such issues I must educate.

What you do after sex is just as important as what you did during sex.

Here’s what not to do, After Sex Etiquette:


I don’t want to feel like I’m on a talk show, interview, or at court, after I have sex. If it was that lit I just want to sit back, chill, catch my breathe, maybe drink a cup of water, go 2 sleep, or look at the ceiling. I understand you want to know what I’m thinking, but sometimes we just have to listen to each other breathe.


Not everyone enjoys the sweaty, sticky, smelly aspect of sex which is very understandable, and some people will scurry off to the bathroom to wash up immediately after. While there are some very good reasons why you should shower after sex, do not be in a hurry to do so.

You will give her the impression that you’re washing her off. Linger for a while, hold a conversation, give her a massage etc. This will give her a clear message that you love all of her and you’re not in a rush to wash it all away.


Sometimes women have crazy these crazy a** expectations. You tend to assume we will get hard immediately after we cum. Your man is out of breathe and you giggling talking about “round two”.

Give your man around 20mins and he will be rock hard Ready for round two. So just be patient. But if you want to speed up his refractory period just give him a BJ. It will force his dick to get hard.

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Or you can also squeeze the bottom of the shaft for a period of like 10secs then release pressure to allow blood to pump through. This will get him hard again in no time.


I’ve been guilty of doing this. This sh!t isn’t appropriate at all. let’s say you were both watching a movie and then you ended up having sex, its only acceptable if you resume watching the movie when you are both awake or when he or she is gone. The movie ain’t going nowhere, so just chill.


Keep your phone away. If someone calls when you are fucking don’t answer the phone. When you are done with sex cuddle for a little while then you can go through your phone to see if your friends hit you up. But start over chatting with each of them, they can wait till the morning or when you are totally done with sex.


It makes whoever you do this to feel like just a piece of a**, unless they want you to go and you were just a piece of a**. Stay for a little and cuddle. If you do have to leave right after, say it before you have sex and let them know you have plans.


Like they say, “If you couldn’t tell, that should be a hint.” Even though I usually ask how many times 😉😉. Fellas you should know if you made that woman peaked or not, don’t play yourself.

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Real gentlemen don’t bring up other women in the bed, rather you’re saying good or bad things. Men liked being compared only if we are better because we want our ego stroked, but when you are with a woman make her your one and only at that specific time. Who cares what your ex did, unless she asks? Other than that, stfu.


Finally, don’t bring up no heavy sh*t right after sex. Here’s a short list:

  1. So Where Do We Stand?
  2. So How Many People Have You Had Sex With?
  3. Have You Ever Cheated On Me?
  4. Is That It?
  5. Do You Love Me?
  6. Who is (put any male/female name)?

Ask that sh*t before you get busy.

For now this is all that i got. Next week

“Things that you should do after sex”

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