9 Reasons Why utakuliwa Dem

Kukuliwa dem will happen to almost any man.

Okay, guys, huddle up. We need to talk. No, not about your hustle. Not about politics, and not about football. Well sure, we can talk about those things. They’re important, after all. But there’s something a little more pressing that we need to talk about first: Kukuliwa dem. If you are an avid twitter user I’m sure you’ve seen people talk about it. Yes, kukuliwa dem is an actual thing and happens quite a lot to most men. Some find out but others never do.
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Kukuliwa dem is something that can happen to anyone. How and when it will happen is not the issue, why it will happen is something that you should be concerned about. Sometimes it IS your fault why she got fucked and sometimes it is HER fault why she ended up getting fucked.
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Here are Reasons why Utakuliwa Dem

1. Your Girl Lacks Self-Control

Some women lack impulse control and they’re not able to just say “no” because their “hoeing genes” is running the show. Maturity is a big factor in being disciplined, controlling yourself, and delaying gratification to avoid disastrous consequences and potentially causing a lifetime of damage and hurt. But some women just never learn to control themselves. If she’s the type who gets horny when high or drunk and lacks self control she will fuck someone else if the environment allows.

2. You treat her like trash

This is quite simple. Getting your girl to stick by your side and not do anything to hurt you is going to be pretty tough when you treat her like trash.
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Not all women are completely loyal to a guy who mistreats them. Loyalty is not automatic – it’s earned. You can’t expect ANYONE to be loyal and trustworthy, if they don’t feel respected and treated well by you. If she doesn’t feel like you’re treating her right and she’s sick of it, there’s a higher chance she might cheat sooner rather than later.

3. You Are Too Overprotective – She Can’t Get Away From You

You are too overprotective and clingy. She can’t do anything without you looking over your shoulder. You are like her shadow always minding her business. When you are too overprotective she will yearn for freedom and the day that she gets it something nasty and messy may happen.
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4. The Other Man Treated her better Made Her Feel More Attractive, Special, and Sexier Than You Do

When you’re not making her feel like a real woman or making her feel attractive, sexy, and special, she’s going to become weaker, more vulnerable, and more responsive to another man who does – and more likely atakuliwa. Another man coming into the picture and making her feel the way she wants YOU to make her feel is powerful because he’s giving her (emotionally) what she either wants, needs, missed, or has been craving from you for a while. He’s scratching that “itch” for her.

5. She Craves the Thrill and Rush of Being and Doing Something Really Bad

Doing something that’s bad can give her a thrill and a rush that she can’t get from somewhere else.
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The thrill of getting crazy with someone else can happen to anyone. Everyone loves doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. Getting a “thrill” and “rush” of doing something she knows she shouldn’t be doing can leading to her fooling around with someone else.

6. She’s Revenge Cheating

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Maybe you cheated and she found out about it. She will get her revenge. Let’s say there is this guy she’s maybe had her eye on but has stayed away from him because she thought she was in a solid relationship. When she finds out that you cheated this is the guy that she will run to. She’s going to want to get even.
Kukuliwa gf

7. Atakuliwa Because She Feels Unwanted, Unappreciated, and Unattractive

When you’re constantly putting her down or not acknowledging her efforts, she’s likely to find someone who does the opposite and makes her feel better about herself. She wants to feel special WITH YOU. When you’re not doing your job some other guy will show up and makes her feel like the most beautiful and wonderful woman on the planet, she’s going to be swept off of her feet and land onto his dick. He’s going to seem MUCH MORE appealing than you do. Emotions will overcome her, make her feel good, and she’s going to make an emotional decision to fuck him because of how she’s feeling rather than a logical decision.

8. You Became Boring and Dull

In a relationship, if you become boring, dull, and predictable, she’s not going to be feeling anymore “excitement” in the relationship and she’s going to become more likely to cheat.
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If she comes across someone who excites her and is more fun than you she might fool around with him since she sees your relationship as something that is slowly dying.
Kukuliwa dem

9. She wants great sex

To some women, having great sex is a BIG DEAL. If your game is disappointing she might explore and get someone else. When you can fuck her like no man ever before, she’s less likely to look for satisfaction from someone else. When you don’t she may want someone who is simply better in bed, knows how to hit the right spot, and can set off fireworks inside of her mind and body. Others reasons why utakuliwa dem include
  1. The guy is richer than you
  2. He Has a car
  3. He’s well known.
When it comes to kukuliwa dem It’s not always YOUR fault and it’s not always her fault either. There is always a justified or natural reason for why she did it. Some scenarios, events and situations act as a catalyst to it happening. Without this scenarios it wouldn’t happen.
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