7 Things To NEVER Do While At A Sleepover


7 Things To NEVER Do While At A Sleepover

There’s nothing more nerve-racking for women than a sleepover at a guy’s house who you really like.

A sleepover is an all night affair that runs into the morning where you’ll reveal things about yourself, and even more importantly, you’ll discover things about him.

Are you the only woman that sleeps over?

What happens when you find an earring, panties, or that box of tampons?

Will he turn his phone on do not disturb because he’s hiding something?

Is he expecting sex?

What if you deny him and he kicks you out?

What if you give in and the sex is weak as fuck?

What if you get performance anxiety yourself?

What happens the day after?

No matter how old you are, don’t feel ashamed about having all these questions.

Today I’m going to break down things that women should or shouldn’t do at a sleepover.

Before you go over to his place, read this list of things of things that you should do or shouldn’t do.

7 Things To NEVER Do While At A Sleepover


1.  Leave before 10am

No one will tell you this but you are supposed to leave in the morning. Some men will cleverly kick out their lady friends before 8am.

Don’t overstay at his house. Unless he asks you to stay over, get your shit and leave before 10am. You should always just assume that once the night is over, it’s time for you to kick rocks.

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Thank him for the awesome night and the hospitality, give him a kiss goodbye, and go about your business. If you remain cool about the situation, he’ll definitely be inviting you over for yet another sleepover ASAP.

2. Don’t leave anything behind.

Your night of fun is coming to an end. The sun is up, the two of you have brushed your teeth, washed your faces, and you’re dressed head to toe in your “walk of shame” outfit.

Now that’s it’s time for you to head out, make sure you have gathered all of your belongings. Seriously, don’t leave anything behind – not even a hair tie.

3. Don’t snoop Through His Things

It may be super tempting to go through his things, but snap out of it. Now is not the time to dig through his stuff.

If your guy is like most guys, he will instantly know when something is out of place, and guess who will look like the psycho snooper? You, of course!

Not only is snooping disrespectful, but it really shows your insecurity. If you’re already doing a five-point inspection on all of his personal belongings that’s just simply not cool.

If you feel the need to snoop through your guy’s things the second he allows you in his home, you need to figure out why you’re allowing your insecurities to make you act like a crazy person.

So keep your hands and eyes where they belong, and resist the urge to snoop.

4. Don’t leave a mess behind

You want to make sure you’re the best houseguest he has ever had. This means, try not to leave a mess everywhere you go! If he probably spent all day cleaning and making sure everything was nice and tidy just for you.

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For you to come in and toss your things on the ground, spill drinks on his floor or leave toothpaste in his sink is just plain rude! But if you find the house is too untidy don’t clean up shit. You are just a guest so it’s not your problem

5.  Don’t get extremely wasted.

You can drink and get high but kindly don’t get wasted. Getting completely wasted comes with a bunch of potential awkward and embarrassing scenarios.

You could end up vomiting all over his sitting room, you could get emotional and start crying nonstop, you could trip and fall and break one of his things, or you might blurt out something completely inappropriate that you would never say if you were sober.

You can be drunk, buy you should never be wasted. No one likes taking care of a wasted individual.

6.  Don’t make selfish demands

As a visitor in his home, you really don’t have the right to make demands…especially if they’re selfish. So, how do you know if your demands are selfish or not?

If you’re basically trying to get him to alter or change the way he lives just to suit your needs for the night, then you’re being totally selfish! If you’re giving him a bunch of selfish demands the moment you walk through the door, be prepared for the sleepover from hell.

If you’re not able to go into his home and play by his rules, then perhaps you should stay home. Or even better, you could invite him over to your place where you can control any and everything.

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7. Do not perform wifely duties

Washing dishes, cleaning his house, cooking his meals is a no-no. You are not the wife so do not offer your services thinking it will get you in his good books.

He is the host, be the guest. A weekend at his house should mean relaxing and only helping him in some areas…like helping him rinse the dishes while he washes them.

Everytime you go for a sleepover remind yourself that this is not your home, and you’re simply a guest…a temporary guest at that.

You are there to sleepover not to stay over.

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