5 Reasons Why Airbnb Sex Is The Hottest

5 Reasons Why Airbnb Sex Is The Hottest

Escaping your day-to-day life and checking into an Airbnb is like trying on a new identity. You lose yourself in a new place, get caught up in the sense of adventure and, hopefully, bring that sense of adventure back to your Airnb bed…and bathtub…and pool…and balcony. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re having sex with the same person for the 500th time, a person whose body you could sketch from memory; the anonymous nature of an Airbnb always makes the sex lit af.

Every Airbnb, from those in your hometown to those in Paris have their own erotic charm. So book an Airbnb and slut someone out.

If you thought that having sex in an Airbnb is much more exciting than fucking at home, you are not wrong. Gone are the days when having sex in Airbnb’s was something only secret lovers would resort to.

Fucking in an Airbnb is a great way to break free from the monotony of regular life. It can be a good option for couples to explore new experiences beyond the walls of their bedroom and make their love life exciting.

Nothing can make a person’s sex life more exciting than a change of scene and what could be better than in an Airbnb?

An Airbnb is basically a home or a studio apartment or a villa that you rent for your accommodation. You can check their app and see what’s available in your town.

Let’s look at a few reasons why Airbnb sex is so much better.

1. It breaks the monotony

Having sex in the same 4 walls of your bedroom can become boring AF. Sex in an Airbnb will break the monotony and bring excitement back to your sex life. When you feel as if your sex life is getting boring try booking an Airbnb.

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Nothing will damage your sex life more than monotony and thus it is important to try something new.

2. You are open to trying new things

When people have sex repeatedly at regular places like their bedroom, they get used to doing things in a certain way.

But a new place encourages people to try new things. Having sex in an Airbnb will inspire you to try out new things and be more adventurous. This will lead to an amazing lovemaking session.

3. You are Free from responsibilities

Whether people might agree to it or not, your home represents responsibilities and having sex under such an atmosphere is definitely more taxing than fucking in a place where you don’t feel the burden of responsibilities.

An Airbnb is a place where you don’t have to feel responsible. You are there to concentrate on only one thing—fucking the shit out of your partner.

4. No stress

The sex is so great because the atmosphere is stress free. You are in a place where nothing is stressing you.

You have left all your worries, stress and anxieties at home. You don’t have to meet deadlines, have meetings to attend or respond to anything urgently.

It’s just you and your partner, and all you can think about is making the most of Airbnb and fuck as much as possible.

5. Too much positive vibes

The vibe in any Airbnb is quite positive and calm. As long as you are getting positive vibes the chances of having great sex increases.

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If the vibe is positive you will both be in really good mood. People in good moods are more likely to try out new things. They will be open to almost anything.

Add having sex in an Airbnb onto your bucket list. Start off by downloading the Airbnb app and check out the apartments available within your location.

Have FUN and enjoy your Sexcation.

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