4 Ways to Get Yourself Hard When You Cant Get It Up

Getting hard isn’t as automatic as people assume it to be. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Most women, at some point in their lives, have come across a guy whose equipment didn’t work.

It has happened to the best of us, you’ve gotten through all the tribulation and have gotten to know each other, and now it’s time.

It’s time to lay the smack down on that pussy. She’s ready, licking her lips lust illuminates from her. She wants you. She wants all of you but you cant get hard.

You’re sitting there limp and bewildered. What do you do? Why isn’t my dick getting had? This shit can’t be happening.

Don’t worry I got you.

4 Ways to Get Yourself Hard When You Cant Get It Up

1. Relax and De-stress

Stop thinking so much. Take a breather. There’s no need to rush because the pussy isn’t going anywhere. Calm the fuck down down.

When a woman senses something is wrong, she will start to worry and maybe lose interest.

Never let her see you’re not on your A game, especially if she isn’t a consistent partner. Rememeber: the pussy isn’t going anywhere.

2. Take Your Time

Play it off and take your time doing everything else. Forget for a moment that you have a dick. Really take that time to appreciate her, her body, her scent, her touch.

Turn a weakness into a strength, flip the situation and tease her. It’ll turn her on. Don’t rush the process

3. Please Her

Kiss her, caress her, suck her breasts, squeeze her ass, slide down and taste her. Please her and listening to how she reacts to you. Do this to buy yourself time. Do this for as long as you can until you get hard again.

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She wants you, if she didn’t she wouldn’t be here. You have the power to make her feel good. You also have the power to make her feel better. If her enjoying herself doesn’t excite you then it’s time to go to the next step.

4. Let Her Please You

Suggest that she focus on you with the promise that you’ll take care of her soon as you are ready. Often times visual stimuli is not enough and we need a little more attention to rise to the occasion.

Let her rub you, kiss you, and provide some oral pleasure to get you hard and ready.

If these 4 steps don’t work it’s time to try something else, something different.

1. drink water

You may be having a hard time to get hard because you aren’t hydrated enough. When a man is dehydrated, he does not have as much blood volume in his body as when he is properly hydrated.

Therefore, his blood vessels become constricted, as there is not enough blood to keep them tense. This impairs blood flow to all parts of the body, including the dick. So always drink enough water before sex.

2.  Use a cock ring

The primary reason of a cock ring is to maintain an erection. Cock rings are rings that are worn around the base of the dick and sometimes the balls to make erections harder, bigger, and longer-lasting. 

It works best if you’re able to get a partial or full erection. Cock rings are useful for a lot of purposes and they are cheap. Anyone can afford.

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3.  Use Viagra

This doesn’t really need any much explaining. If all fails Viagra can help.

Ladies have you ever been in a situation where your partner couldn’t get hard? How did you react or rectify the problem? Was he embarrassed? Did he redeem himself?

Guys, have you ever found yourself not being able to get it up? What was the cause? How did she react? Did you bounce back?


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