4 Ways To Break It Off With A Man

Women turn down a lot of men on a daily basis. Some men are just too stubborn to hear it. They never understand when you don’t want anything to do with them.

So, how do you dodge a man that you don’t want? I’ll keep this as simple and short as possible.

Every girl has come across a guy who no matter how much you avoided him, cut the conversation short, or simply gave him a bad attitude – he still doesn’t give up. This man is seriously tenacious, driven, and determined.

He would however make a great policeman, sales person, or tax collector.

Here’s 4 Ways to Break It Off With A Man

1. Don’t Ever Answer His Calls or Respond to His Texts

Under no circumstances shall you communicate with him electronically. You give an unwanted man an inch and he will take a foot.(no pun intended) I don’t care if it’s just a “Good Morning”, if you respond your ass will be in deep sh!t.

2. Tell Him You’re in a Relationship

Don’t just tell him you are in a relationship, tell him that your man is bat f^cking crazy. Tell him that no matter what he does or how much he spends on you nothing can separate the two of you. Say, “The last guy that tried to talk to me, is somewhere in the hospital recovering from the beating he received.”

If this does’t work you then try option number three 👇👇👇👇

3. Casually, Bring Up That STD That You Never Caught

Desperate Situations Cause for Desperate Measures. If all fails just lie about how you caught an STD. That should surely make you unfuckable and unwantable. Tell him about how you have a doctor’s appointment next week for any STIs.

4. Tell Him You’re a lesbian

The problem with this is that He Might Say He Can Make You Straight and This Could Make Matters Worse. Some guys are turned off by lesbians but other guys get really turned on. Those who get turned on will be anticipating the possibility of a threesome.

5. If All Else Fails, Tell the Truth

Say “The chances of me feeling you is zero, you have a better chance of jumping into the ocean and not getting wet.” Look him in the eyes and break the bad news to him, wish him luck in finding someone that can actually be attracted to him.

Women reject men everyday, its only right that they be honest. Tell him that this is one story that won’t work in his favor.

If a girl isn’t feeling you, there is no way for you to make her feel you. Leave her alone and try a new one.

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