Sat. Apr 4th, 2020


The Menez Effect

Perez speaks

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​Do i have something to say??

 Yes like a million thoughts strolling in my mind..I know it has to reach a point that life gets real…mine has and am there …some of my friends are not yet there but we all have different time zones so i totally get them… 

I don’t have insomnia but I’m lacking sleep thinking of what I’ve all comes like sudden flashes of lightning through my mind..but through it all I’ve learnt to let go of both the good, great and especially the worst..maybe it’s not easy to forget but it’s time to say bye..

Embracing the new characters in my life the cheap thrills that comes along with life…it seems like am high on a maturity drug haha but i guess this is how it feels to be an adult..

 I can’t even remember when i last took a picture covered with make up cause I’ve embraced my own beautiful and i thank God since he’s the best artist..the best apology is changed behaviour and maybe i can’t call up everyone in my past to say sorry but for those i meet in future I’ll definitely treat them better…
I’ve learnt there’s a skinny love…a mismatch relationship Illusion kind of love and many more but i have the power in me to choose where i want to be for the betterment of me and where to invest my time..

I’ve learnt to celebrate with myself and not an imagination of friends that don’t exist but to think of the outcome of the celebration in future… I’ve learnt to smile more not to hide my scars but to make it a habit.. a disease actually so that even though i go through hell i still know that stars shine brightest during dark nights..

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I’ve learnt to wear my skin like a lady..hold my head Like a Queen cause I’m not waiting for a king to protect me cause in real sense I’m the one to protect him…i will not beg for attention or seek it negatively but use what my mama gave me to bring the world begging to it’s knees in front of me..
.……………..perez speaks…………….

If you write poems try and get in touch with me. I give you a platform to showcase your skills.

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