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The Menez Effect


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​No one is stopping you except yourself. The reason most people don’t succeed is because they give up way too fast.

Women have this huge desire to be chosen over other women.Its the approval that no matter how many other women are out there she has something unique that makes her feel special and wanted.The world judges women by how much they are loved.You can buy yourselves shoes,clothes,take yourself out for 🍕 and have that feeling of being independent.But all that doesn’t matter if no man wants you.

The point is, sense of value rarely comes from what you have or who you are, but what man is there to validate you by committing himself. Commitment, real commitment not fake or forced titles, proves that you are wanted. All the pretty girls out here, and he chose you, that’s a warm feeling that all women want to experience.Most women see approval as the highest level of accomplishment.Here’s where males and females differ. 

Men don’t give a fuck about being special nor do they mind being settled for. The ends justify the means.It doesn’t matter how we guys started as long as we achieve our goals we cool.No matter the reason for our success we get what we wanted. 

A perfect example is rapper future.Many argue that were it not for Ciara,Future wouldn’t be the superstar he is today.His success is based on Ciara but does he care,Hell no.As long as he got to become a superstar nothing else matters.

Have you heard a girl say “i like this kind of men” but still ends up fucking men who don’t meet her “likes”…..why? Because women don’t know what they want, they are just searching for that feeling of love as well as the validation of being chosen by someone.

MEN….Never ever give a fuck about being a woman’s type,meeting her imaginary list of Must-Haves, or if she was aiming for another nigga when she walked in the room.The proof is in the results, and regardless of if she wouldn’t have chosen you first, you ended up with her. That’s called victory.

I want to talk to fellas.We are men,not women, we should never be threatened by a guys good looks.I have been brought up in an society where you are supposed to pay attention to the looks of the woman you want not the other guys.If a girl says no just go for another one until you get your yes.Real men don’t take it personal and don’t force things.

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We have all watched Johnny Bravo.In every episode he is rejected and beaten by all women but he never gave.He would try it again and again everytime improving his approach game.The only thing we guys can learn from Johnny Bravo is to never give up.


 I love it when i hear a woman praise a tall guy just because he is tall.Some girls thirst for tall niggas, but it’s not a deal breaker in the way social media makes it out to be. It’s a want not a need.Ignore all that…If you look good, talk right, and act better,trust me that girl who wanted only tall guys will now be like ‘short guys are the bomb and tall niggas ain’t shit’

People don’t know what they are truly attracted to until they are put to the test. So, instead of being mad that your woman crush is praising these Lebron James niggas, worry about being the best in the world at what you do. Perfect your spit game, your approach, and go get what you came for.
I read somewhere that :

women find 80% of men unattractive.

I can somehow agree with that. All guys are funny looking.Statistics don’t take into account what a girl wants versus what she will take.Every girl wants to date a handsome guy but am sure most of them won’t mind lowering the bar if she gets a guy who has other attributes that she wants.

Funny thing is that,The moment you win the affection of a woman, your wide ears, your big nose, your round head, or any funny looking feature grows on her, and you become better looking than the first time she laid eyes on you.This also happens to the guys.You find a girl ain’t super pretty but her personality makes her pretty.You start saying things like ‘she has a good heart’.It’s human nature to see past the flaws of those you like and focus on their strong points.


Have you ever DM a chiq and she doesn’t write back?I’m sure that makes you feel a certain way, but you have to look beyond the internet.Women are much pickier online than in public due to the sheer number of thirsty niggas responding to their best picture.

Out in public those same “I woke up like this” girls may still be pretty, but the majority won’t garner the same attention as their online profile. Fuck inboxing, walk up and talk to a girl, make her laugh, get her number, and take her out. That same girl online would have ignored your advances, but in real life she’s not being bombarded with dick, so you got a shot .

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Of course, there will always be top shelf girls who are picky and should be picky because they can do better than your ass, but the other 90% will entertain you even if it’s due to boredom. Once you get a foot in, you can use your swag to kick the door open. A month later, she’s the one calling you because the time you’ve spent has made you appear more appealing than she initially thought you were.


One person argued that broke niggas get more pussy than rich niggas.A rich nigga isn’t smarter than a hustler in the streets.A broke dude may not be having loads of cash laying around but he is rich in skills to manipulate women.Their hustle is to hook up with a girl who doesn’t mind helping him out, and pull himself up by using her as an investor.Lowering standards sucks for women, but it puts men who are struggling on equal footing with men who have money.

listening to Drake rap about living in a house so big he has to use a walkie-talkie just to get a beverage, will make you feel like you lost at life. I’m not going to get into a “nigga do better” sermon about money.

Money should never be the reason you don’t ask for a number or why you break up with a girl you love.Lacking money doesn’t mean you can’t date the woman you want.There are more women than hoes walking around that wouldn’t hold a cheap date against you.The thing we guys need to focus on is the effort. Give a woman your time, energy, and attention and they will appreciate that much more than a 20,000 dinner.

Women will understand your situation so long as it is legit and you communicate it.A girl can sit and talk about how she needs five star everything and a man that drives , but I’m here to tell you that most of these sisters out here are far from that.

Instagram “models” may seem unattainable, but they aren’t.Women tend to date the same kind of men they grew up liking, so even if you don’t have much money, she will still be open to dating you so long as you treat her with respect. Value isn’t about the dollar signs, it’s about showing her that you’re trying your best within your means to prove that she’s someone you want to know on a deeper level than just sex.

If you can open your mouth,speak clearly you have a shot at getting any woman walking on this earth.Money comes and goes, but your personality is what’s going to keep that woman in love. The next time you’re out, don’t be afraid to talk to the prettiest girl in the room.


  • You don’t need to be tall. You don’t need to be Omarion/Trey Songz/derulo/beiber. You don’t even need to be thousandnair!💰💰💰
  • No need getting jealous.You’re a man, not a little girl, we don’t get bitter we get bitches!
  • Stop listening to what the ratchets claim they want in a boo.
  • New niggas sit around and watch girls walk by, then talk to their homies about what they would do. I’m challenging you all to stop talking like chicks and start taking action like men!
  • Tap a random girl on the shoulder this week and spark a conversation.

Men aren’t allowed to talk about being nervous; we have to pretend we don’t get butterflies because we have to behave hard. Men can’t confess that they’re worried about liking a girl too much; we have to pretend as if we only want sex so we won’t get our feelings hurt if she doesn’t want more from us.

True hardness comes from confidence, the ability to put it all on the line and go after what you want then not give a fuck if you face a few setbacks. So what if she only wanted the dick, so what if she stops liking you after the thrid date– you’ll get over it! The risk is always worth the reward, my nig!The greatest feeling is knowing a woman chose you.

At that moment of victory it won’t matter where you fell on her Must-Have list, if she thinks you’re as fine as her man crush,you proved that you can get what you want by being yourself, and from that day forward you will always know that the only true limits in life and love are those you place on yourself…

My friend Ricky believes that there is no woman on this earth he can’t approach.He has confidence in himself and so can you all.

You can get everything you want in life if you just grab your balls and go for it.

Today i will be responsible for you all getting women and maybe get laid.

Tip:When you approach more girls, your chances of getting laid go up. (I mean really, they can only go up)

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