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17 reasons why i wrote

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“Why did i write these articles?”

Every article i have written has been inspired by something but mostly its by someone.Here is a round up of all my articles.

17 reasons why i wrote

1. This was my 1st article and it was a dedication to someone who is and will always be dear to me.

2. I wrote this because we at one point find ourselves in situations which can’t be really defined.

3. I saw other bloggers writing about it so i decided to give it a shot.

4. I remember being told am ‘too nice’,’extremely nice’ by different girls and that they couldn’t date nice guys.

5. On this article i had the most fun writing it.It was a celebration of love.

6. everyone has heard of introverts but in reality we don’t really know much about them.So i decided to shine light on them.

7. Before writing this ☝i had a limited knowledge about periods but after writing i feel like i now.I wrote this because there was a time my lady almost missed her periods so i was intrigued by everything about it.

8.  To date this has been one of the best received articles of mine.It was about appreciating bros.On the day i posted it,it was read over 340 times.Thanks to all the guys who shared it and read.Show love to all the articles.

9. This article was simple but interesting. It was about the importance of some conversations.

 At the time when i was writing this some guys in campus were being called fuckboys.Something interesting was that the girls who called them fuckboys would still fall for them.Messed up right😜


11. We were having an argument about if there are fuckgirls.Yes there are.I wrote to show how they end up being fuckgirls.

12. This was a great article!I got out of my comfort zone and wrote about sex.I wrote to show how someone can be dickmatized or pussymatized .Take time and re-read the article

13. A friend of mine asked me to write about guys and abortion.She wanted to know how we view it.

14. This was a follow up to and i wanted to show the ladies how we think and respond to somethings/situations.

15. I love hacks they make my life simpler and make me lazier and i love it.So i wrote about them.I know the list was long and most of the people didn’t read up to the end.

16. I was chatting with a friend of mine and she discovered she had no real friend.I got to wondering if there are other people out there who are like her.She inspired me to write it.

 17. There is this girl who broke up with her ex but to be honest she is still madly in love with him.The guy loves her but can’t admit it.So as a joke she challenged me to write something about exes.So i did.It may seem targeted to her but its not. Any girl who has even been heartbroken can relate.

I will keep on writing. I’m alive,i am experiencing things so i have more things to say and tell.Continue following me on this journey.Click on the links to reread them.

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If you got time read them again✌😃

keep reading and sharing…

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