15 Things Good P***Y Can Do

Good Pussy can do a lot of marvelous things. Here are 15 of them

This article was long overdue, today is the right day for me to write this Stuff. Last year i wrote something on being dickmatized and pussymatized, if you didn’t read the article here it is ??

Guilty pleasure

Someone asked, “how do i know i got good pussy,”

If your man acts in any of these ways, you got good pussy”

15 Things Good Pussy Can Do :

1. Have You Going To Her House Late At Night Although She Leaves In A Dangerous hood.

Every now and then your lady friend texts you asking you to come over. Since you love her sweet pussy, you don’t even think twice, even if its 12am you will still go to her house.

No matter how dangerous your neighborhood is a guy will always come for some bomb ass p*ssy. We don’t care if you live in Gotham City, as long as you call we will come.

2. Sleeping in any way to Make Sure She’s Comfortable

She could be laying on your arm, she fell asleep hours ago, but you know what? You are not going to move a fucking muscle because that pussy was sooo good, you don’t care how you sleep.

She could take all the cover and all the pillows and you are going to make that sh!t work. You don’t wanna wake her up, after she did such a great job. Man f*ck comfort!

3. You Can Go a Few Extra Rounds

Some women don’t think d!ck gets sore. But if you’ve been swinging that d!ck since 11 pm to 2am and three shots later your d!ck is exhausted. Sometimes you don’t even want to touch it afterwards. Its the same as how a ladies’ clit gets extra sensitive when she cums.

However, when the p*ssy is good, you disregard all the signs of chilling out. You push yourself for some extra rounds. No worries though, you’ll suffer in the morning.

4. Have You Getting the Haircut She Likes Most on You

“beb unakaa poa na hiyo style,” The moment a guy is told that by a woman that he’s fucking, trust me he will always get that same haircut. I’m sure you’ve seen some dudes growing dreads just because a girl he likes loves ‘dudes in dreads’

If you don’t believe me do this:

Tell a dude that you are fucking that he would look good in a certain haircut and i guarantee he will get that haircut.

5. Telling His Boys He”s Staying In

All the guys know what’s going down when you stop hitting the club like you use to. Every time they hit you up, you say “Niko na bibi Siwezi kam.” Soon as your boys get off the phone they’re like “huyo amekaliwa” and clown you for a good 5 mins. Funny thing is though, you give zero f*cks.

6. Have You on different websites Trying to Find New Moves to Do.

A woman with good pussy will have you wanting to step your d!ck game up. You surfing the web, looking at Kama Sutra, and even going back to your p0rn stash for sex move references. Good pussy will have you butt naked in the bed waiting for your girl ready to do a new move, she can’t tell if you trying to f*ck or wrestle.

7. Make You Sing to Her(You Cant Even Sing)

After a dude gets good pussy he somehow loses his sense and becomes a little bit goofy. Both of you will be booty naked running around the house playing games or singing and sh!t. Some good pussy will have a grown man acting like a child again.

8. Make You Consider Being Her Boyfriend

That wet wet will have you wanting to lock that down and make it official. Since you don’t want anyone else fucking her, you start thinking of her as your gf. You be alone in your house contemplating being a committed man and wifing her.

9. Have You in the Gym

Last time you looked in the mirror you noticed that six-pack wasn’t sitting like it use to. Babygal will have you in the gym lifting weights and doing bench presses. You will work your ass off to get that body that she wants.

10. Have You Buying Series That She likes for When She Comes Over

When men want to keep something in their life they become all considerate and sh!t. You find a man watching lady like shows like Love and Hip Hop, Scandal, claws, hit the floor and Single Ladies. You trying to please her so you start watching shows that she watches. If she says she wants to watch Fashion Police, my nigga you will watch it.

11. Have You Agreeing with Her When You Know She’s Wrong

Dude, you’re not trying to do anything that may jeopardize you getting some pussy tonight. If she thinks Chris Brown is a better performer than Michael Jackson, you go with that. If she thinks Khaligraph will always be a better than Octopizzo , you go with that. No matter how dumb she thinks, you won’t disagree.

12. Have You Cooking (You Only Got 1 Go-To Dish Though)

Most men have that one special meal that they always cook for a woman. They can’t cook anything else apart from that. If a woman with good pussy comes for a sleepover that’s what the dude will cook.

13. Make You Wanna Live Alone

You tired of giving your roommate exile. You just want your own crib where she can come over anytime that she wants to. You even get so crazy that you start thinking about living with her ass. Even if that pussy is good good don’t make the mistake of living with her, you will get bored ans start chasing new pussy.

14. Spend His Last Money on Her

You go out of your way and spend everything that you have on her. When she’s with you don’t care how much you spend. She’s worth going broke for. She’s probably got food at her house anyway, right. It’s not everyday that you get to swim in some wet springy pussy. Fuck it, you just gone have to starve tonight.

15. Pulling Out Every 2 Minutes

Good pussy will have you pulling out, giving yourself pep talks, and stroking superslow just so you can hang. You know its good when you put your d!ck in and pulling it out like it tickles. How about when the p*ssy is so good you can’t look down at it, because if you do it’s a game over.

Good pussy has confused every nigga at one point or another. No man is immune to good pussy. The moment you get good pussy you won’t even realize you under her spell. If she says jump, you ask how high.

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