Hey guys, so i decided to try something new, something different from my usual posts.

This is a weekly segment of all interesting stories that happened last week. Some you may have heard of it others you didn’t. Well I’m here to inform you on all the good stories. If you got any suggestions hit me up. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.

The segment is called words on the streets…. Sorry for the lousy name i couldn’t think of a better name.

Let’s begin🍻🍻


Barcelona kept their virginity for 37 good games only for them to lose it to levante 😂😂😂

After playing 37 freaking matches undefeated, Fc Barcelona have now been defeated on their last game by a team which is at position 16 on the La liga table. As a Barcelona fan this is super sad. Barcelona without Messi is like Gor Mahia without a white coach.

In entertainment news

Earlier this week fans woke up to some disappointing news. Many of our favorite tv shows have been cancelled.

Here is a list of popular series cancelled.

  • Lucifer
  • Quantico
  • The Mick
  • Valor
  • The exorcist
  • Designated survivor
  • Last Man On Earth

Most fans were mostly outraged about the cancellation of Lucifer. The hashtag #savelucifer trended on Friday night. Let’s hope some of these shows will be picked up by new production companies.

Hiphop news

By far this is my favorite story of the week. Two students from Duke University who were working at a coffee shop got fired for playing a young Dolph song. The song is called “get paid”


Get this, during the Rolling Loud music festival where Young Dolph was playing he flew in the two students and while he was on stage he paused his performance and gave the two students 20,000$ to sustain them before they get new jobs.

They were fired because a campus VP walked into the coffee shop, got offended by the music, made a few calls, complained a bit and made sure the students got fired immediately.

To another story.

Azelea banks, I’m sure most of you haven’t heard about her. Anytime she trends its not about her music but about her hating on another female more successful than her. This time round she’s hating on Cardi B.

“you’re illiterate because you lazy, not because you from the hood,”

Cardi B as of now has deleted her instagram account after responding to Azelea Banks . Here is a screenshot of Azelea banks attack on Cardi B.

The last time Azelea banks trended was because she was hating on a 14year old Skia Jackson.

Lil uzi and Young thug went out shopping and thugger posted a questionable pic of him and Lil Uzi. Lil Uzi was wearing a purse. All i see is some rich niggas doing shit spending their money. They look so happy they don’t even care.

21 Savage had the perfect reply to those pics. He commented “Y’all gay”

To some local news

Msupa S is the first Bomet rapper to get features from Nairobi. Khaligraph Jones loved her courage and confidence so much that they linked up in the studio. Reports claim there is a collabo on the way and its dropping this week. I sure hope the record is a banger.


If you’ve been following the social media scenes in kenya I’m sure you have heard about Revealed diaries. If you haven’t you can check out their YouTube channel. It’s lit.

The founders of revealed diaries have started their own awards show called revealed awards. It’s all about celebrating young youths doing great spectacular things. For more info check out their ig page.

Their YouTube channel

Kenya’s 1st lesbian movie Rafiki may have been banned at home by Ezekiel Mutua , but Rafiki the movie is receiving international recognition and has created so much buzz during the Cannes Film Festival. The two actress and director got a standing ovation. It was the first Kenyan film to be ever premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

I think that’s it. Nothing else interesting happened.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned for the next weekly showbiz roundup.



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