Hey guys it’s me again back with some more words on the streets.

This week started of with a bang.

On Sunday it was Mothers Day, so most people took to social media saying how much they love their mothers and how their mums mean the whole world to them blah blah…

The love gestures were sweet but one individual stood out for me. If providing Mother’s Day gifts was a contest, G Herbo would probably take the trophy this year.

A rapper by the Name G Herbo did something amazing. I’m sure 0.1% of you guys have never heard of him. He’s the one who started the ‘who run it’ freestyle.


On mother’s day he took three of his special ladies out. They included his baby mama, his mama and the mother of his baby mama. When G Herbo and his baby mama got serious he took her out of the strip club and ensured she never worked again. The last time G Herbo’s mama worked was 4 years ago. So on mother’s day he did something special for his baby mama’s mama.

He told his baby mama’s mama that starting from Tue May 15th 2018 she won’t have to work no more. The entertainer later explained that he is making sure that he is the only one working so that everyone else can focus on the family.

To some other news

You all remember a while back when 21 Savage and Amber Rose allegedly broke up, well, she took to Instagram to express her love for 21 Savage.


There were rumors that she’s now dating Lil Pump. On her instagram post she was Addressing the idea that she’s a “gold digger” or someone simply after rich men, Rose expressed her love for 21 while explaining all that she thinks makes him awesome. Here is the post

Offest was hospitalized after being involved in a car Accident. He’s alive with major injuries but the car is totally wrecked.

He was speeding in his Green Dodge challenger. There are no reports of anyone else being hurt. He posted pics on his Ig about the incident.

“i could have been dead from this accident ” – offset

To some Lil Uzi News

We all know Lil Uzi has a crazy fashion sense. So earlier this week a paparazzi caught up with him and asked him some few questions.

Paparazzi : Why do you buy Women’s Clothing?

Lil Uzi: I Bought Everything in the Men’s Section. There’s nothing else to buy, I bought everything, literally.

Also Young Thug and Lil Uzi have 1500 songs already recorded. damn! It will take you approximately 4 full days to actually listen to all the songs.

Y’all remember Lil Tay, the youngest flexer of our century.

Well, all that money blowing, car buying was fake. Her mum works as a real estate agent so she was providing Lil Tay with cars, houses and cash to flex on the gram with. Her mum had to resign after her boss found out what she was doing.

This little kid had to lie about her accomplishments at age 9. Most people don’t have to start until they are 29.

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Khaligraph jones and Msupa S dropped their much awaited track. The visuals for their video are quite dope. The video was shot at high club which is currently the coolest and classiest club in Nairobi.

“Msupa S can outrap 80% of rappers that I’ve been meeting since 2009” – khaligraph

Before the two linked up for that project. Kush tracey they some shade while on the chipukeezy show. She said Msupa S won’t amount to anything.

Some young upcoming rappers were pissed off by the ‘OG’ because he’s supporting an untalanted bomet rapper just because of the media hype she has.

Anyway that’s all the good stuff that happened last week.



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