On Saturday night, the much awaited Mr and Miss TUM contest was held.

Models contensting have been preparing for the last several weeks, training each and every evening to polish their craft. For the rest of us all we wanted was a good memorable evening.

Mc rex and Mandela

The event was ‘scheduled’ to start at 6pm till dawn. But as it’s the norm of Africans there must be some delays. So the event actually kicked off at 12pm.

Between 6-12 you had a chance to go smoke some weed, drink some liquor, chase your crush around the school, get a date for the night, go and smash in places you shouldn’t be Smashing at.

By the time the event was starting, everyone was hyped and excited for an amazing night.

Owago Nyiro

The sponsors for the event were infinix and redbull, Owago Nyiro as the main MC, Mandela and MC Rex were supporting mcees. At one point Owago Nyiro was bored af, he looked like he couldn’t wait the event to end. An event will only be successful if the DJ is perfect at his job. Our DJ was the worst. He couldn’t get anything right, a person with an aux cable could have done a better job at it.

Here are highlights of the night.

Dan – TUMSO president

Scolar x Mandela

Super publicist – ndemoteddy

One of the judges, can’t remember her name
Judy (Miss TUM)
Country 001 deputy governor. Dr. Kingi

The judges

The main highlights of the night was the flexing competition. Ladies really screamt their lungs outs. Thirst is real😋😜

Loaded up Dave (1st runners up)

At around 5a.m it started raining so we had to seek shelter in the nearby buildings. Few people actually saw the crowning of Mr and Mr Tum.

Crowning moment🤴
Dante (Mr Tum)

Judy – Miss TUM

credits: Mosota


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