Thirsty Men Do Thirsty Things

We shouldn’t have to remind men that rape or harassment is wrong, it should be so self-evident, so crystal fucking clear that “no” means “no,” but that’s what it’s come down to given the revelations women have shared over the past several months.

This shit didn’t just start happening in the 21 century, Half of the population has dealt with being violated since the dawn of time, let that wash over you. 80% of women reading this have been sexually assaulted in one way or another. We all know people who have been forced to fuck, gangbanged in parties, assualted by their bfs/fathers/male relatives, ran a train on, raped, taken advantage of while being drunk etc.

“Listen, when I was young, there were so many men in the neighborhood that would give you money if they could touch you. Going over to a friend’s house for a birthday party at the age of seven, there was always someone there who touched you.” – Viola Davis

Of course there are men who have been raped and assaulted as well, and I’m not marginalizing that. The fact remains that the daily lives of women are so full of unsolicited advances that it’s normal and even expected.

It’s not the victim who can prevent this, it’s those that assault who have to change their behavior! Why do women walk with their head down or pretend to be on the phone talking when passing by a group of guys— because men harass .Why do women who are great at their jobs tremble at the thought of going to work in the morning— because men harass. Why do straight women dance on their girlfriends in the club? Because they came to have fun, not get their dress pulled up by some bum trying to finger them half way through Bodak Yellow! If this were Stranger Things, females would all be living in the Upside/Down, and males would be scratching our heads like, how the fuck have you managed to survive this long without going insane?

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There’s a new story every day because there’s multiple women who continue to be either assaulted or harassed every day! It’s not all males, but I’m going to group every guy reading this in with the rest because we’re all guilty of talking about irrelevant things rather than the respectful way to approach a woman or go for sex.

So with all these being said how do you stop/prevent being a stupid sexually assaulting man.

How To Not Be A Sexually Assaulting Man.

It’s fine to speak to a woman and even compliment her, but she does not owe you her phone number. If her saying “thank you” and continuing to walk hurts your pissy little ego, oh well, deal with it like a man, not a brat. Even if a girl flirts with you, that doesn’t give you the green light to grab her or touch her inappropriately.

If you’re privileged enough to attain a woman’s phone number, it is never okay to send her an unsolicited picture of your dick or jump straight into sex talk, have some fucking tact! If you’re dating a woman, even if she came back to your place and allowed you to kiss her, the moment she pulls back and says that’s enough—believe her!

The irony is that all men know this, but they don’t think the rules apply to them. It’s not just men with money or fame that think they’re above it all, it’s every young man that’s raised with this concept that women are submissive creatures only good for fucking, cleaning, and cooking.

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“Bitches play hard to get, but they all want the dick. ” From the age of 12-18, I listened to so much bad advice on how to act when you get a girl alone that it’s amazing that I didn’t grow up grabbing the pussy of every girl i met.

Sex is a delicate dance, while the lust inside you is a primal rage, but you are a human, not an animal! You have the power to utilize patience and the maturity to accept rejection. You won’t be able to fuck every woman you take out, you can’t smash every new chick that you come across, and sometimes a woman smiling at you is just a woman smiling at you, not a sign to whip your dick out!

Most guys think “If I don’t try something she’ll think I’m gay or uninterested,” shooting your shot isn’t the same as harassing a girl. Stop deflecting! No one is saying stop speaking first, stop going in for kisses after a date, or not to attempt foreplay if you two start making out. This is about being extra in your attempts and overly aggressive when someone is telling you to chill.

If she likes you, she will show you no matter how shy she is. If you’re not getting that response you want from her, take the hint that she most likely isn’t feeling you—fall the fuck back! It’s not shooting your shot if you’re committing a flagrant foul! This is about boundaries, know hers and most importantly respect them.

You Didn’t Do anything Wrong.

Imagine telling your cousin or best friend you had sex with two guys but only came to have sex with one, they wouldn’t call that assault or rape they would have pointed the finger at her for being a freak hoe. There are countless women that didn’t want to do anything sexual but froze in the moment because they already imagined what could happen if they attempted to exit the situation.

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The reality of any assault story is that it’s not what the victim did leading up to it, it’s that the other party shouldn’t have taken advantage—end of story! No matter what your incident was, the guilt society tries to lay on you is unwarranted. I don’t care if you went over someone’s house, if you were dressed half naked, if you kissed them first, no one in this world has the right to go beyond your “stop”! Your No means No.

If anything happened to you that you didn’t approve always remember

You’re still beautiful. You’re still strong . You remain a bad ass Queen that won’t let anything sabotage the power you have inside! Know that there is nothing about you that makes you undesirable. Reclaim your crown, Redesign a new you, Rebuild your Universe, and get back to walking on fucking water like the Goddess you were born to be!

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