The Dos and Don’ts on Your First Date Encounter.

The Dos and Don’ts on Your First Date Encounter.

First dates can be really exciting and at the same time timid and most probably you really don’t know your first date very well. To others, you might have encountered a first date experience and it didn’t end quite okay. Trust me, out of experience, I know the feeling you get after unanswered phone calls just after your first date and gentlemen, I know some of you might have gone a little bit broke after acting all gentle on the lady by offering to pay the heavy bills. Anyway, worry less; I’ll help you through this with some tips here and there on how to handle your first date.

1.Don’t back down.

This goes to the gentlemen. So you’ve spent many dates, months and maybe years reading different articles and romantic dating books and lucky enough you met this awesome lady that you kind of instantly connected and boom! She gave you her number, you asked her out on a date and you now stand a chance of taking this gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing lady out on a date.

So a few days ago you felt like the king of them all and now your date is in three hours time. The butterfly effect takes over.

Will she turn up?’

She is so beautiful but am definitely not of her standards

Familiar words, right?

Come on, backing down right now shouldn’t be a priority. I mean, you ought to face your fears now.

Turn up and give it your best shot you know!😉

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2.Do turn up on time.

Dear men, trust me, no lady dreams about spending the rest of her life with a lazy man.  So believe me, this is the first step of showing that you aren’t one. If she agreed to meet you at 6pm, 6pm it is. Be there and do away with the silly thoughts of, you know, she will turn up late.  Apparently, it doesn’t work that way to all ladies.

Now to the ladies, there’s this habit amongst us of showing up really late ‘trying to play hard to get’. Well after having a talk with one of my wing girls, she really tried to convince me that she definitely knows that the main thought at the back of the guy’s mind is banging her after the first date, so turning up late shows  less of interest on him thus clearing such thoughts on  the guys mind.

Come on sweetie, let’s not judge them as per the past experiences, put your make up on, be at your best and at least try and be there on time.

3.Do choose a nice place wisely.
Before settling on a given place to take her out on a date, try figuring out her ideal type of place. Surprisingly, you might find out she has a total different view compared to what you thought.

By doing that you’ll have a high chance of winning her for a second date. Well, you can go grab coffee and maybe take an evening stroll. That can ease the tension between you two and make communication much easier.

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4.Do speak up.

The main essence of going on a first date is getting to know there other person better so there’s no point of acting all quiet throughout the date.

Get to know about each others:

  • Hobbies- by this you might find out you share something in common.
  • Details about their families- this might give you an insight about how their background, upbringing and principles but don’t get really overboard. Remember it is only your first date
  • Friends.
  • Their childhood experience- this gives you a hint of who they might be today.
  • How they would spend their time if they didn’t have to work to support themselves and so much more.

Such questions might help you gauge and see if you are both on the same page.

5.Don’t ask about ones finances.

Now this goes mostly to the ladies, we are living in the era of gauging him pocket-wise to know whether he is worth you. Well, little do we know that some of these men know this ‘old trick’ and the sooner you mention such questions you earn the low chances of winning him. How about buckling down and having yourself cater for your own bills. Think about that!

6.Don’t mention your exes.

This mostly happens when you are trying to bring about comparison. My dear, nobody likes comparisons…trust me. I mean, who wants to hear that you’re ex, was the worst kisser or a womanizer. Yeah, your nagging, jealous girl friend/boyfriend belongs to the do or don’ts category and apparently not on the dos category.

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Well, if you decide to ignore this advice prepare yourself for many more lonely nights.

7.Do put down your phone.

Ladies tend to keep on checking up their phone after every two minutes while on a date. There’s nothing boring and rude as trying to have a conversation with someone who is constantly staring at their phones. Funny thing, ladies always keep on mentioning that they need attention… like 100% attention from a guy. Be mature and keep your phone in your bag.

Ooh! Another thing, tweeting and posting on face book about your date in real time without his/her conscience makes you look more of illiterate. Do avoid that.

8.Don’t act all proud when the bill comes.

So at this point there are two types of ladies: the one who assumes that the man is definitely supposed to pay the bills and the one who wants to pay the bill. Well, I’ll back up the lady who wants to pay the bill, reason being she thinks way out of the box. Well, if the guy offers to pay the full amount, make sure at least you offer to pay the cab. However, if you offer to do either of the two, don’t play games not everyone is up for jokes especially when it comes to money.

So how about mastering this and applying it on your first date…TRUST ME…IT WILL WORK… Thank me later!

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