Signs You Are Being Oppressed By Women

Signs you are being oppressed by women

Well, it’s true that there is some form of oppression going on but the reality is that not all guys are suffering from it. Same way not all people are eating sukuma wiki and having empty pockets in January. Some are eating kuku fry and handing out tips.

There are guys that have figured out how to avoid getting oppressed. They are living comfortably and co-existing in harmony with lasses. After all, a woman will only take advantage of you if you let her.

Other guys are oppressed and they don’t even know it. Others are feeling the pinch and they want out. Others are obsessed because it’s their fault. All this is understandable.

So how can you tell when you are getting a raw deal as a man? Here are things that prove you are oppressed.

1. You spend a lot on women but you rarely get sex.

Women drain your bank account, your Mpesa, your emotions, and your energy; they drain pretty much everything except what you want them to drain. Women keep asking for pennies from you but not penis.

If you spend tons of cash on women but still suffer frequent dry spells, you are an oppressed man. It’s like constantly donating to charity when you cannot even pay rent.

So you take women for coffee dates, movies, clubbing, send airtime + salon money, pay rent and give loans yet you see more sex in movies than you get in real life? It’s time for you to hold placards. It’s time to sing bado mapambano.

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2. More women leave you (than the other way round).

Are you the one who gets dumped most of the time instead of doing the dumping? Do women get tired of you after a while? The end of a relationship usually sucks but it’s always better if you are the one doing the dumping than the one getting dumped. If women keep ‘lefting’ your life like a broke person ‘lefting’ a Whatsapp wedding committee group, you might have to think about your life.

Maybe it’s time to get Samantha the sex doll. Samantha will never go anywhere (unless she gets stolen). You will always leave the house, go hustle, come back and find her. 100% loyalty!! But wait! Samantha is 600k? My God!! Nothing with a female name on it comes cheap. I bet if salt was renamed to Sally, it would cost more than sugar.

3. You have been cheated on more than once.

Do women cheat on you more ruthlessly than the way campus students in public universities cheat in CATs? Does it seem like whenever you get a girlfriend, some other guy tends to appear in the picture? The number of times you have been cheated on says more about you than the women cheating on you.

Men who have their shit together rarely get cheated on. Sadly, this isn’t something you can change by complaining. You just have to pull an Optimus Prime and transform yourself into a more hardcore version of yourself.

4. You are constantly friend-zoned…..or family-zoned.

More women see you as a friend or brother instead of a potential boyfriend or pleasure giver. All they want from you is favors and hanging out but no ‘hanging in’.

You treat all the women in your life so well but they also go for the men that treat them the worst. To solve the issue of friend zone, come see me.

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Yes, come to Dr. Menez. Bring a consultation fee. Then give me the girl’s picture, phone number and Instagram account. I will do some magic on her and you will no longer be in the friend zone. You will be in the forgotten zone.😂😂😂😂

Seriously though, I have an article on how to avoid the friend-zone. Just peruse my blog and you will find it or read here 👇👇

jumping out of the friendzone

5. Lastly….you are actually very bitter about women.

You have now become the same as women who say “men are trash.” Repeated failure with women in the sexual marketplace has made you extremely bitter. You have began to see women as devils. Anger has taken over your senses. “Madem sio wapoa,” you tell yourself. You can’t help but wonder why things aren’t going your way.

Bitterness wont help you though. It’s not like girls will see that you are hurting, then treat you more favorably. It won’t happen. Darwin’s Law applies in today’s sexual marketplace. It’s survival for the fittest.

Women are how they are. You cannot change them. Improve yourself and you will enjoy the delicious fruits that our sisters provide. Stay as you are and you will forever wander in the wilderness – thirsty, rusty and packed with lamentations.

Don’t be bitter, be better, don’t be a hater, be a hitter.

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