sex With An Ex: Is It A Good Thing?

Sex With An Ex

You’ve done it, I’ve done it, he’s done it, she’s done it, we’ve all done it. We’ve all had sex with an ex. If you haven’t I can bet on my first real salary that eventually you will. I had an Ex-girlfriend that gave the type of head that Shakespeare would have written a long ass novel about, fucked like a pornstar, and was generally my best friend and confidant. Her skill set was legendary, but obvious by the prefix “ex” she didn’t make it to my finish line. Going back to her was always out of the question but please believe whenever we could find time we would still smash like nothing changed. There was no talk about the break up, no talk about who we were currently fucking, it was two people, who knew how to make each other cum without trying, having fun. Man Law: You cannot cut off good pussy. I don’t care if she broke your phone during the break up and called your mother a bitch, if her shit was yanktastic that pussy will telepathically call out for a rematch. You will think to yourself, “one more time and I’m done”, but if you’re weak willed one more time will become two, five, hell even twenty more times. There is nothing wrong with fucking your Ex a few extra times to get it out of your system, the problem comes when you can’t wean yourself off.
Just because we broke up romantically doesn’t mean we’ve broken up sexually.
Damn, this quote ☝☝ is dope.
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The Ex I described in my opening, I had to cut her completely out of my life in order to stop having sex with her. Technically we were just friends, but I knew that every time we were alone we were going to fuck. My will power is amazing, but my fully erect dick was no match for the fond memories of her hall of fame pussy. So I made a decision, if I wanted to get serious with other girls she had to go. On the other side of the fence we have those who can’t wean themselves off of their Ex, women who can’t leave the dick alone and men who can’t cut the pussy loose. It’s so easy to say “stop seeing that person” but we are all creatures of habit, we like the original movie, not the remake, and we want the old person who gave us bomb ass sex not the new one who can’t make us bust. Our Ex might be a fucked up human being who we have no intention of being with romantically, but they know how to put us at ease both sexually and emotionally. “My Ex understands me, we’ve been through so much” No shit, including the break up. If you want to be with the motherfucker be with them, to drag your feet and enter into this relationship purgatory where you’re still talking to your Ex while dating new people will only lead to problems. You claim you want to move on, do it. Your new man can’t last as long as the old one can, then teach the nigga dick control. Your new girlfriend doesn’t cook for you like your old one, then get that bitch a cook book. There is no excuse big enough to move backwards.
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Let’s say you’re single, it’s okay to still be smashing your Ex because you don’t have anyone right? Wrong! People who claim to be single but are still fucking their Exes aren’t single, they’re confused.
If I take a girl out and her Ex is blowing up her phone, common sense tells me she’s still sucking his dick.
Relationships with an ex are always tricky…. There are good women and good men out there who can be friends with their Exes and keep it professional so to speak. Then there are assholes like me and the people I’m friends with who don’t respect your new relationship and will try to smash just for the fun of it. People will always continue to fuck with their Ex’s after they move on. This is called power tripping. We want to prove that we can still have you. You have someone you like, you’re happy, but I’m going to temp you into fucking me one more time, not because I want to be with you again, I just want to prove that I can hit. As I said, dealing with an ex is not the easiest thing out here. You can have will power, you can have smarts, but you cannot make up for the Ex-Factor, that possibility that when you’re alone with that person who you have so much history with, there is a huge chance that you will do something to fuck up your current relationship. Do not let your past ruin your future because you are too weak to say goodbye.
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This has been my little Ted talk. So you all mfs next week.

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