Men Are Less Likely To Use A Condom If The Woman Is Hot

Men Are Less Likely To Use A Condom If The Woman Is Hot

New research finds that men are more likely to have raw sex with “hot” women.

Welcome to the mind of the average man every time he gets into bed with a very attractive woman.

The hotter a man thinks a woman is, the more likely he will be to pressure her to have sex without a condom.

Pretty girls blind us. The prettier you are the more likely we will want to fuck you raw. Basically, that means that the hotter the woman, the less likely the man will be to wrap it up.

In a real life scenario, men will do whatever it takes to fuck a super hot woman. If she asks for raw sex 99.9% of men will agree to it.

Researchers in the U.K. reached this conclusion after surveying a total of 51 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 69. The men were shown pictures of women’s faces and then asked

  1. Whether or not they’d hit it
  2. Whether or not they’d wear a condom during sex.

This research further on stated that men who rated themselves as hot not only thought they were entitled to more unprotected sex than regular men, but they assumed they don’t need to use a condom during sex.

Have you ever met any ‘fuckboy’ who uses a condom? 

Women aren’t immune to this either. A separate study found out that ladies are also more likely to forget about safe sex when staring at a gorgeous dude.

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Both of these studies are quite true. Some of you will agree with this research and some of you won’t.

If a pretty girl that you’ve been chasing agrees to having sex with you and she insists that she wants it raw, do you think you’ll refuse?

Humans are visual creatures if we like something we go for it. We judge people by just looking at them. We can judge someone if he or she has an STD based on how they look like. We all do a visual HIV/AIDS or STD tests. For us men, If dem ni mali safi tunakula tu.

All young men might consider sleeping with an attractive woman as a marker of status and we are willing to do so regardless of any risk. We all fe proud when we fuck a really pretty woman. Some will brag about it for ages.

Both of these studies take on a whole new meaning when you consider that half of men and a third of women have never been tested for an STD.

And STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are the fastest growing infections of any kind in the Kenya.

Moral of the story? Safe sex, every time—even if she’s as hot as Huddah

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