We all love compliments. It boosts ones confidence to some extent. To the ladies, it gives us a tickling effect in our stomachs when our crush/lover does compliment us. This got me thinking, ladies, do men get the same feeling? In real sense, they do but how often? Let me narrow it down for you. Since the week commenced how many times have you told him how secure it is by his arms? How sweet his smile is? Did you get even time to describe that one time he helped you out of the car over the weekend?Ladies, men are humans. They feel, hurt and react…just like us.

What should one look into?

1. Personality.

Is he amiable? Loyal?  Intuitive? pioneering?… Name it…There are millions of words to describe ones personality. Trust me; a compliment from you won’t be forgotten in a jiffy mostly if it’s rare for him to get such a word from you or anyone else.

2. His Advices.

Men love giving advices to pretty ladies and let’s say making an impact in their lives. What makes them more special is when the same lady utters replies such as:

“Thank you!”

“Can I count on you for more advices?”

“You’re one a of a kind friend”

“You never disappoint, thanks!”

3. Driving Skills.

Last weekend as I took a stroll in the estate with a friend of mine, Jimmy, he happened to share with me how he had this feeling of composure after his crush complimented him for his outstanding driving skills. This is how he phrased it:

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“Immediately she uttered the words ‘I love the way you did a smooth and cool move while driving…’

I felt like a guru💪”

Well, that’s Jimmy’s way of experiencing his feeling. How about the same compliment on your guy?

4. His Appearance.

Once in a while, if not all the time, I do find myself seeking for an opinion from my brother on how I look. That’s before I step out of the house. For everyone in the house, it’s always normal when I seek for opinions. So, one day my brother decides to ask for an opinion on how he looked. The first thought that clicked in my mind was he was most probably taking someone out on a date. However, telling him the two compliments:

“Wow! You look handsome on that outfit!”


“You look extra manly today. I like it”

Made him more confident and determined to accomplish what he had in mind because what happened there after… well, that is a story for another day but my point is, men love when you do so. Leave alone the fact that you said he looks good but also the fact that you noticed it first and you told him.

5.His Dreams and Ambitions.

Whenever he shares his ambition or dream with you, compliment him. Show him the brighter side of it. How he can make it happen. If you think you have a much better idea, sharing your opinions of changing his mind can come thereafter. Right now we are focusing on making him feel recognized and special.Show him that you will always be there for him no matter the circumstance.

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6.  His Sense of Humor.

If he makes you laugh to an extent of peeing in your pants, then a compliment won’t hurt.

On the other side, if he struggles to make you laugh and the joke doesn’t come through perfectly…well, appreciate him. It’s quite evident that he is doing his level best to make you happy.

7. His Chivalry Act.

In simpler terms, this is what I mean. Did he hold the door open for you? Then later stepped aside so that you may enter first? Given you his jacket when it was cold?

 If yes, what are you waiting for? Do compliment him. Give him a cute smile then say “thank you” or rather be creative and do something cute.

8. Ask For His Help.

This goes to those who are dating or already married. Ladies, lets drop our ego and admit that once in a while we feel helpless without our better half. The moment you feel low and lack someone to speak to, calling him and seek for his help. Whether he is good or not good at it, he will surely feel special and he will make an effort of help you out.

These are just but a few things to look out for. There are other traits you might have noticed and no matter how small it might be, do compliment him. Compliments do spice up relationships to some extent.

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