Love is a pot | By shiqo

Love is a pot

I seem to find many people in denial of real love but then it seems only our generation is in denial of it

I once asked my grandma “why is it so easy for you to believe your husband(my grandpa) loves you even in the worst of situations.”
And she laughed it off and told me” my child,this life,this western culture,this education has brought more complications.

Look at it this way I used to believe in what my mother taught me and my elders and yes they all had one stand that made me believe in it but now things are different. How many people do you seek for information apart from your elders?

Come to think of it I was taught to be submissive I was taught to be a pot to hold both cold and hot water from him,I was made the foundation that grew stronger with each passing day and circumstances. My child I was taught to hold the pot and never allow it to break that’s why I still know your grandfather loves me even in the worst situations.”

I didn’t get it at first but now I do
We all handed the pots of love by our elders mostly our close family members but after the foundation has been applied we don’t wait for it to be strong rather we go out and break it by words of others,by actions of those who don’t deserve the pot,by the internet and each time we break the pot our foundation is different and weaker

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This is why our generation is lost the meaning of the word love
It has failed and succumbed to early pregnancy, to many broken hearts, to many single mothers and fathers,to less marriages and more filled divorced cases.

Come to think of it the more you break the pot the more pieces are lost and one day you might not be able to recollect the pot because it may be too broken to reammend

By shiqo


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