If Only

If only i could say the same for me

for your words pierced my soul, left me with wounds in my heart

how could you move on and just walk away

i know things got a little rough

but was i that easy to forget?

i get my sleepless night

punishment that i deserve

for i lost my precious jewellery, my bestfriend

my venus in my sky

If only i could say the same for me

that someone else brought a smile to my face

if only i could see you again

then my face would regain its joy

a thing it long lost

no time for you, you say i don’t give

my all like you thought i would

but you were my sweetheart

my heart belonged to you

no wait

belongs to you

But am happy that you’re happy

am smiling cause your own sun is shinning

am breathing cause your memory lives within me

and moving on

is totally out of the question

cause my love for you

is a forever commitment

but if i could, trust me i would

but i won’t let go of you

Life indeed has given us different paths

but i know mine still belongs

and once in a while, i’ll check up on you

just in case you miss my love

just in case you don’t find what you are looking for

just in case you change your mind

I’ ll be here on the other side


If only, you looked the other direction


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  1. enews

    Thanks for the post. It is one more challenge on continuous improvement and TQM (go Demming). Quite lovely to add to The List. What did I do today? Hmm, well, before I even got to the pool, I took the long route on bike to make sure I was awake and alive and smiling, then spent 30 minutes before I opened the office this morning researching sprint fly long course. Not much out there on it. I spent 10 minutes reading/re-reading some of your posts, Wayne, to refresh performance states information prior to day 3 of our Nationals. Did a bit of tweaking on the process management of programming changes I am rolling out for the start of the next season, informational bulletins, etc, because you cannot institute change if people haven”t a clue of why, how and when with enough notice to plan their lives around swimming. Clear, concise and logical communication offered in a manner the receiver of said information can readily accept has to be a cornerstone of head coach education and practice. Been a busy morning so far, a good morning. So, and this is not a challenge and asked with a smile: what have you done today?


  2. Shee

    And unfortunate he will never look
    The other direction
    If only he understood
    why its hard walking away
    Maybe he would rethink his action
    If only we didn’t love as much
    Maybe it would also be easier for us to
    walk away like he did
    If only..

    Great piece really connects with me am so much in love with it. If only I could send it to my heartbreaker


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