How To Get Revenge On Your Ex

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex

How do you make a man feel the same hurt that he made you feel? You did everything right, compromised, held him down, were loyal and selfless, and in the end the man whose mouth claimed he loved you showed actions that proved he really didn’t give a fuck about you.

People tell you to be thankful it ended, to move on, to take a break from dating, but offer no practical solution on how to stop feeling like you just lost at life. You don’t want to hear that “Utapata boy mwingine” shit.

So how do you really get revenge on an ex. The only rule in love is that there are no rules! Relationships operate in shades of grey. We men do what we want to do when we want to do it no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you do for them.

If you’re hell bent on this “I want revenge ” nonsense then let’s go through all the ways you can get revenge on your ex.

The New Man Revenge

Basic Plan: I’m going to find someone better than him at all aspects and that’s going to make him so jealous and angry because at that moment he will know that I was special and he messed up.

Babygirl, this fails 90% of the time because you are thinking like a girl. You are projecting your own insecurities not his. As a woman, you’re trying to hurt a man by doing things that men don’t catch feelings over the same way a woman would.

What’s the number one thing that would make a woman jealous? To see the man she wants with a woman that is more attractive. Therefore, when you come up with ideas for this revenge, you project your own fear and it comes up with: Get a man that’s more handsome, and show him.

Most women feel incredibly sick when they see a bad bitch on their Ex’s arm, even if they’re over him, but men rarely do. When we see an ex with a new dude we don’t care because we already had her in all ways imaginable. He’s eating out leftovers.

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Throwing another man in an Ex man’s face doesn’t make him want you back; at most it will make him want to fuck you again. We will try to fuck you so that we can prove we still own that pussy.“But if he wants to sleep with me that means he wants me back,” no no no.

No matter what you do, who you do, if that ex doesn’t give a shit about you he won’t feeling anything that you throw at him.

Sex Revenge

Basic Plan: Pop back into his life and let him have sex, then never give it to him again so he’s left feeling used and unwanted.

You call him up, act as if all is forgiven, get him to come over to your place, and then fuck the living shit out of him until you make him feel his in heaven. He leaves your house, starts calling you the next day to hit it again, but this time you ignore his call and leave him thirsting for more. He will never have you, and that has to hurt him just like he hurt you, right? Wrong!

If your pussy were good enough to make a man stay, he would have stayed the first time. No amount of revenge fucking is going to make him feel rejection because any type of sex, one round, just the tip, just giving him head, only missionary is still a win for a man. You lost this round, you got used for your pussy. Instead of trying to create some sex trap, focus on the reason why you gave yourself away in the first place to a man you didn’t properly vet.

Some choose to fuck his friend as revenge or fuck the squad as revenge. That shit backfires on the lady. She ends up being called a hoe.

The Expose Him Revenge

Basic Plan: Let the world know how he treated you so that he’s embarrassed and the next woman after you knows what kind of man she’s getting.

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This method is the easiest to go to especially in the age of high smartphones and screenshots. No matter what a man does, hits and quits. Cheats on you, plays you for some money, begs for pussy, you can take whatever evidence you have and post it on Facebook/IG/ whatsapp Status so that all of your friends and his circle of friends know. We’ve all seen such stuff happen. Just go through social media you will come across screenshots of guys trying to out shame each other.

Women may laugh and joke about it, but they don’t support it because all women have gone through relationship embarrassment and most handled it with grace; most won’t air their dirty laundry, to see a fellow woman air her dirty laundry even if the man was at fault, is just proof of an emotionally weak little girl.

Exposing a person seems like a good idea, but you have to ask yourself whom are you really going to expose? You expose your own stupidity. Publicist understand the art of damage control, but normal women don’t, they react with their emotions and then have to explain to their friends why they did this and that.

For example we all saw the confessions from sammroi. Several women exposed how their exes had weak sex game, tiny dicks etc. In the end it’s them who ended up looking bad and stupid.

On a smaller level, we all have seen side chicks that try to come for the main chick and it doesn’t make a difference . We’ve seen Ex-Girlfriends try to warn new girls, and they get ignored because their failure and history doesn’t hold any water, it sounds like bitterness.

Instead of DM’ing the person he’s moved on with you should be focused on DM’ing someone you could move on with. Keeping up this “beware he is a fuckboy or community dick” campaign makes you look bored and bitter. None of this stuff is about justice, it’s about being hurt, and when you lash out in a young and basic way to ease your pain you make it worse.


The One Revenge That Actually Works…

Success as the ultimate form of revenge has become a cliché. It’s okay to carry this anger because in the end it’s going to make you rich and happy. That’s not true.

Money and fame doesn’t = success if internally you can’t let go of your own negativity and bitterness. You hit a roadblock, you took an L, you were rejected, you were manipulated, whatever it is that has you feeling petty, you have to let that shit go or it will chase you for the rest of your life. You can’t let other people have power over your life after they are no longer in it! So long as your attention is focused on those that did you wrong, your mind will never get right.

“So you want me to just let him get away with being a fuck boy, how will these men ever learn what they did was wrong?”

A person who doesn’t care about you can never be made to care no matter what you do. Let me spell it out for you: This isn’t about them, it’s about you!

The Universe wanted to you learn via that experience. Revenge is a powerful drive, you may even achieve it, it may even make you feel good for a little bit, but it’s not the solution to quiet your pain. To take time out of your life to plot revenge on another soul doesn’t lead to a better you, it creates an even more bitter you.

The only way you can have revenge on an ex is if he still cares about you. If he doesn’t all your efforts will be useless and in vain.

Life stops becoming about what you love the more you pour energy into what you hate.

If you want revenge on an Ex, never allow yourself to care enough to hate them. Release is more powerful than Revenge.

peace out✌✌


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