Faking Orgasms: 8 questions Men Want To Ask Women, But Fear The Answers

Faking Orgasms: 8 questions Men Want To Ask Women, But Fear The Answers

Ladies, what’s up? It’s me. So, the guys have been talking about a touchy subject and everyone is acting shook to discuss it openly.

You know I usually don’t get roasted so I can take chances with certain topics have an excellent rapport with you, and we communicate well with one another.

Having said that, we have to have a dose of real talk. Men have heard about women “faking it” during sex. Some men think this is myth. Others take it seriously.

Some even have it happen to them constantly and some have suspicions that their lady has faked orgasms! So, instead of speculating, I will ask you a few questions that men have about faking the big O:

1. Why do you fake orgasms, and fake it OFTEN?

I figured I’d start the questioning off with the million dollar question. I never understood why women faked it, and faked it repeatedly? Do you get joy out of it?

Do you not know what else to do? Are you waiting for the bus and figured you’d humor the poor fool while killing time? It just seems like a waste of time and energy to me, which leads to the follow-up question:

2. Why do you go back for seconds, thirds, etc if you have to keep faking it?

I’ll love watching movies and I’d watch anything that appears to be interesting. If after sitting there for 20 minutes the movie looks and feels horrible, I’ll stop watching. If I’m eating dinner and it tastes bad, I’ll stop eating it. See, this is normal logic to me.

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Women who will fake orgasms constantly, whether in one session or daily/weekly, baffle me. Why go back? Why prolong the torture for yourself? Once again, seems like a waste of time.

3. Why don’t you tell him that he sucks in bed?

One of these fine days I’ll get a T-shirt that I’ll be wearing before sex that says “How’s my performance? Please call ______ if you have any complaints or concerns”. I’m the type of guy who likes criticism so that I can know what to improve and what not to improve.

So I don’t understand why you wouldn’t offer a man the same key pieces of information. I’m sure I know the answer, but since this seems like a clear cut response for the educated, bright, and people who get it, let me throw a wrinkle into the equation: What if the sex is good and you still don’t O, do you STILL fake it?

Why/Why not?

4. What do you think about and/or do while faking it?

What helps you pass the time when having to perform in the bedroom theater? Do you think about errands you have to run? Those new pair of shoes you MUST have? That hatin @ss b*tch at school? Or *gasp* another man?!!

I know women will multitask during these situations, so I wanted to get an idea of your mental training techniques to use for good on my own end.

5. What makes for a believable fake?

Is it the length and duration of the moan? Is it squirming around? Fake shaking? Is it words like “Daddy, Baby, right there, and OMG I’m cumming, that make you convincing? What about facial expressions? scratching and clawing?

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6. How do women fake what they never get?

I hear that some women have never experienced an orgasm. Well #1, I feel for you and #2, how can you fake something you’ve never had? TV? The internets?!

7. Why do men fall for the Lie so easily?

Maybe you can answer this, because I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out, but apparently men are getting caught left and right. Maybe I’ve gotten caught and have no clue?

8. Do more women fake it than we think?

According to you women, do you think a majority of women fake it? Are women unsatisfied in bed? What makes more women fake it?

Women, help us out today to learn about this phenomena, and how to correct the situation.

Bad sex is like the drunk dude in the club who fights: It messes up everyones fun, ends the party early, and makes you not want to party anymore!

I can HANDLE the TRUTH!!!

P.S. – Men can fake it too…

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