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Some years back while in primary school,we had this super hot headgirl. She was in class seven while we were in class 8… Every guy had a story to tell about her.. Some said one evening they saw her and her 2 besties dancing naked on top of the lockers 😂😋 the stories were endless, other said she once dropped her towel when going to take a 🛀 …they saw everything 😋😋😋

3 of my friends were in love with her (puppy love) and funny thing is that the chiq knew about it … This dudes would try and vibe her in all always imaginable but she never chose one of them. She played all of them real good… At times she would call all 3 of them and just hangout… The guys weren’t stupid they knew that they were competing against themselves…..

The girl was smart she was dating 3 guys at the same time,she didn’t put all her hopes in one guy. If guy A losses interest she had guy B and C…. Am sure by now she is a pro at this game.

If you already in a stable relationship don’t risk it having other guys around. This is mainly for the single chiqs looking for a boo 😍😍

I proclaim that all single women should

date multiple men , not fuck, not suck, not even kiss multiple men, just date. Travel outside the house to do fun bonding activities during the course of several weeks and get to know each other in order to see if there is anything more to your relationship than jokes and sexual chemistry– that’s called dating.

This is a very simple concept but i don’t expect many to follow it….. No guy in his right mind is going to agree to compete with another guy so as to get the girl…. In our minds you should delete every contact with a dick the moment we asks your name.

I know that for women it’s best to invest all their time and money into one single relationship hoping that he is the ONE. There is no need to continue to entertain other guys who were there before or get new numbers if you get a “feeling” that this ONE MAN could be the last man you ever have to date.

If this ‘prince’ has not communicated how he feels then he isn’t in a relationship with you. There is a difference between dating and being in relationships. You can call him baby, boo, but if the b-word that you can’t call him is boyfriend, then, I repeat, YOU. ARE. STILL. SINGLE. Do you realize only dating one man is the same as saying, “I’m waiting on you, because I already know that I can’t find any better men .” Is he that great or are you that desperate?

I get it, dating is tiring, it’s nerve wrecking, and you want to skip all that “my favorite color is… my last relationship ended because of… ” nonsense

Comfort Zone: Find a man, connect instantly, say “fuck going out”, cuddle, and watch TV shows until you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Every woman can reach that Comfort Zone stage where the dating is over, he’s survived the honeymoon period, and you can just chill and talk about the Universe.

Multiple dating is about taking your time, not racing to prove to any one man that you deserve to be chosen.

Ladies do not raise their hands and yell “pick me, pick me, look at all the things I can do for you ,” they do the choosing.

Dating more than one man may sound hard, but that’s only because you’re lazy. Some guys triple date and we are the ones who are usually lazy when it comes to dating. I find these relationship goals memes to be funny.

Women post pics of couples doing things they aspire to do. That’s like a guy posting a picture of a PHD like ” Education Goals,” he ain’t doing that because he knows that it takes real work, not fantasy thinking. These relationship goals you all want take years of work!

Most guys don’t want to be that feet rubbing, deep talk having, man that builds with you; they want to be your late night, I miss you, come see me,

You don’t date multiple men and you judge women that do it because you don’t think you can get multiple men to actually take you on dates . It’s not the idea, it’s your self-esteem that makes you suck your teeth. The foundation of dating is being proactive. In order to go on a date, you have to actually be available, not stuck in the house, not walking around with an attitude, and not full of negative energy because of your past results.

I don’t care how any of you look physically, you can get men, plural. Guys will approach you when you put yourself out there and you also have the power to approach the opposite sex. When you combine those two methods, you win.

Recently i met up with an old friend of mine and he showed me something interesting . In his call log he had 4 missed calls from different chiqs. He said when you ignore a chiq she ends up wanting you even more. I smiled and gave him a 👊. As messed up as that may sound his method works for a lot a guys.

How many of you are Red Call Log Girls? Don’t lie. Right now, one of you reading this is stressing over ONE man that wouldn’t even answer if you were to call right now. Sure he likes you, but he doesn’t like you as much as you like him. You call, he texts back. He tells you he misses you, but only wants to see you during nut-busting hours.

You telling yourself that he’s your bae,but that is not bae,he is just another dude but you won’t allow yourself to see it that way. As men, we can like a girl a lot, but we will still continue to live our life as if she doesn’t exist. Sure, the girl we like the most pops in our head often, but it doesn’t stop us from hanging out with our boys to the point where we forget to even call that girl.

It’s not that women crush harder than men, it’s that women don’t multitask when it comes to romance.Single is a disease and you want to believe that he’s the cure, so you over-like.

You like him, you have high hopes, okay, now keep it moving because the more you feed into the exaggerated feeling of “Our Souls are Soooo In Sync” the more power you’re giving him . The more power you give a man, the harder it is to date him in a way where you set the rules in terms of treatment . Remind yourself that he could be special, but for now he’s just John,just another guy . You hear me but you can’t do this because you have nothing to take your mind off this Potential boo. When you have 4 men who are just as cute as John trying to get you, John may still be in the top spot, but you don’t have time to obsess because these guys are starting to do things that John doesn’t.

The same way you got one number you can get another number. Good men aren’t rare if you actually go outside and try. You shouldn’t feel guilty about talking to more than one man, you should feel like it’s mandatory to keep your heart balanced.
Women only deal with two men at most, their ex who still wants to fuck, and the new dude who she keeps talking to in order to forget about her ex. The problem is she doesn’t even date those two, she entertains them.

A woman is only as quality as the men that she gives her number to. If 7 out of 10 guys in your phone are men you would never even kiss, you’re a clown. Time is the most important thing you can give to anyone, and you actually took that time to exchange numbers with a guy who looks like a Nigerian Danny trejo (machete)

Yes, you have four WhatsApp guys and ten instagram dudes trying to fuck you, but how many men do you have actively trying to real life date you? You’re so this and you’re so that, but where is your quality roaster of men.

Look at slay queens, nose in the air,ass out, talking about how so many niggas are in her DMs… but how many of them are pulling up ready to take them out? These online guys want your nudes, not you. Come Valentine’s Day your only options are seeing Fifty Shades with your single ass girlfriends or seeing it with some lame guy that makes your skin crawl every time he says, “ I miss you .”

Getting internet attention as a girl is like getting a football trophy as a five year old— it’s given by default, not because you earned it . So take all this thirst attention that you get from guys and forget about it. Some of you are offline and handing out your number to every, “Hey, gal what’s your name ,” type just to say you got approached. You’re no longer 16 years old, regulars shouldn’t have access to your phone number, email, or any direct connection.Your pussy should be on Angelina Jolie level, sunshades and bodyguards.Your ego shouldn’t be based on the quantity of men who are trying to talk to you, it should be based on the quality of men who are actually taking you out.

First of you need to change some few things. Lemme show you how.

Change Your Phone Habits

Take out your phone right now.

  • Step one : Delete every man you wouldn’t fuck sober.
  • Step two:Delete every man that’s in the “not looking for a girlfriend, let’s take it slow, ” category.
  • Last step: If there are any men still standing in your phone, call them up and do the “Right Now” test. Hey, what’s up? That’s cool… I want to go out to eat tonight, what time are you free to pick me up ?

That’s all you have to say. If you get any answer other than a time and place, then delete his ass. No more of having someone to talk to just to talk to. Either these dudes are trying to win you over or they’re just hanging around.

After you cut all the dead weight, focus on what you want romantically. Some of you will want a boyfriend others life experience. Figure out what you want before you build your roster.Every woman is basic until proven special! Ladies, who are the men that jump to take you out? The unattractive ones. This is because they have to. Quality men aren’t jumping out of their skins to make plans for the weekend they are waiting to date you like his other chiqs….

In reality the cutest of the men you meet rarely offers to take you anywhere, but he does put in work in terms of communication. He calls often, maybe even daily, and always asks to see you, not go out with you but see you, difference. After two weeks of a good looking guy showering you with communication you open up to absolutely zero effort!.

He’s not asking you out because that amazing genius realizes that he doesn’t have to take you out, that all you want is attention and you’ll mistake it for value . Ladies, it’s not that men aren’t dating, it’s that you aren’t setting the rules that prove that you need to be dated . In your head you’re miss “ I don’t come over and chill ” but on planet earth you’re in his crib as soon as he calls.

Every time you get a number he should be tested the first week, those that fall in line and take you out on a good date make the team, they don’t win you as girlfriend, they simply get a shot to take you out again and again until they earn that title of boyfriend. When you have four men doing this, that’s power . That’s when you can toss your hair and lay claim to being the baddest boss bitch you pretend to be or the slay queen you are.

A big part of dating multiple men for women is that you don’t need to tell your left hand how your right hand is moving. If a man asks you if you’re dating, the perfect answer is “Not really.”

You can’t make a man who doesn’t want you, start wanting you by putting another man in front of him. Here’s what happens in a male’s mind: he feels threatened, and thus competes in the way that men compete. He’s not going to take you out to a five star restaurant because New Dick took you to a four star restaurant, so kill that idea now. He’s going to sweet talk you, get to see you, and smash you with the hardest dick you’ve felt in your life.

Men get motivated to fuck, not upgrade, that’s how we mark our territory. Beat your pussy up, make you call him Daddy, and tell him he’s better than the other dude you’re dating is how he regains control. After he runs through you, that jealousy is gone, he doesn’t care about who you date anymore. “

The hard part of dating multiple men is sex. Should you pick one and fuck or just run through all of them since they are all soo fuckable. If you pick one to just be your on call dick, you’ll get lazy. All she wants to do is see the guy she’s fucking . In the end the other men on the roster begin to get ignored, not because the guy you fucked is treating you the best, but because you have the sexual connection that makes your dates with him more interesting because they come with a good night nut. Dating multiple men requires a great deal of self control.

Dating = Waiting
Does he like you for you or is he just trying to fuck? It doesn’t matter when you date multiple men because you’re not putting all your eggs in his basket enough to care about how he feels. You’re being patient and letting time reveal all.

when men compete , you will easily separate the winners from the losers. Instead of arguing with some guy that’s not even your boyfriend, you’ll suddenly develop this cocky no fucks attitude because for the first time in your life you aren’t dependent on “ this has to work because I don’t want to start all over again .”

When you have a Ferrari, Maserati, and Rolls Royce in the garage you don’t sweat the Bentley as much. The goal isn’t to run out and grab five phone numbers tomorrow, it’s to be patient enough to let it happen naturally.

You may have five at once, and decide that you don’t like any of them on that level, and cut them all off, fuck’em. Remember this is about finding someone legitimate, not having someone to talk to when you’re bored, that’s little girl shit.

No matter how many statistics say women outnumber men, I guarantee that no chiq brings what you could bring to the table if you stopped playing by the rules. Her Bae is just another missed call you won’t return. The guy she would die to be with is just another guy that sends you kiss-faced emoji’s 😘😘😍. There is no man that you can’t have if you wanted him, that’s not what you say, that’s how you have to live!

Realize that the real power is when you have more than one guy up at night thinking, “Why isn’t she trying to let me be her man? ”🤔

And remember dating multiple men is weighing the good and the bad until u settle for your no. 1,your boyfriend. After that you can gladly enjoy your relationship. Good thing about multiple dating is that you get free treats from the guys in your roster/team .

If you already in a relationship chill with your bae and have fun. He is all the team you need. ✌


Btw you should congratulate me, i have toned down the vulgar language 🥂🎉🎊


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