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When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long and no other love can break them apart”- Anonymous.

Love can break barriers of time and distance and connect two hearts together.

For loved ones in Long Distance Relationships(LDR), this season might seem kind of hard and lonely bearing in mind that people are showcasing their love tactics here and there but don’t be sad. There are also awesome ways to spend your day with your long distance lover. Take a look at our:


1. Surprise them all day long on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is all about surprises and sacrifices but actually coming up with a surprise plan becomes a little bit hectic. So let me try and help you out. How about kicking the day off by waking him/her up on valentine’s day wishing them a “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. That’s at least a guarantee that you have made him/her smile. You can also get in touch with your partner’s friend to either deliver chocolates, roses or any sort of gift on your behalf.  HOWEVER, do not forget to clarify later on that the package was from you and also thank your friend. Those are just basic examples, am sure some of you can pull off awesome surprises.

2.Have a video chat.

Do you own a Smartphone? Laptop? Data simcard? Or maybe have Wi-Fi connection at your place? Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger? Then you are good to go. Thanks to technology things are far much easier nowadays.Luckily, you will be able to see your other half on that day. Well, not physically but virtually. At least a video call will gladden your heart. During that section, make sure you make it offbeat. Do not discuss about how your day has been, that might be cliché, instead make sure you appreciate your partner more and make the experience memorable.
3. Plan a surprise visit.

This needs much prior preparations. First things first, confirm the schedule of your partner on that day just to be on the safe side. You’ll definitely have to figure that out in a way that won’t expose your plans. If he/she is free, then plan for the surprise visit.

This will definitely incur you some amount of money.There is no need to extremely strain yourself by planning for much greater things while there. Am sure your presence will be much more appreciated.

4.Make DIY gifts.

If at all you are asking yourself what DIY gifts are, then these are the Do It Yourself gifts.

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Both of you can make each other short notes in advance then open them once you meet. Trust me this is super fun. Come to think of it, other than the WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, there’s nothing more memorable and sweet than getting a handwritten note for your lover. It might sound a little bit old fashioned but its The “Open when…” notes or “I love because…” notes.You can put the notes in one jar, and then later hand them over.

5.Learn new things about each other.

Maybe this could not have crossed your mind but come to think of it; to what percentage do you know your partner?  How many sections have you had together whereby you ask each other general questions? Make a point of having it either on call or via messages. Get to know much about his/her social life, family and the future plans he/she has. This might help you realize whether you two are on the same page. You can also try and make your question and answer section a little bit nasty; bearing in mind its valentine’s 😉😉
6.Hoochy mail.

Is Hoochy mail a new word to you? Then believe me, you sure missing out on so much fun. It is a site that allows you to create a thrilling, explicit and erotic fantasy about you and your partner. I recently tried it out and it was super fun. All you need is to have two emails: one for your partner and yours. Fill in the check boxes then submit it. Your fantasy story is later forwarded to your partner through their email address.

Try it out 👇

7.Share the “say cheese!”Moments.

This can be fun once done in a unique way. Throughout the day you can take random photos and videos of yourself expressing how your day was. Later in the evening you can share your photos with your loved one and make fun of each other. Apart from taking photos you can also think of singing and recording a song, a love song to be specific, for him/her. You do not have to be good at it. Actually, it’s even adorable and more memorable if you are a terrible singer 😂😂.

As much as the ideas above might not meet your fantasies expectations, remember that there is no such thing as big or small love. So always bear in mind that your efforts do count no matter how little they may seem to you.

Good Luck! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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